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The Entertation Index: November 4

November 4, 2009

Anything, Say — To celebrate the release of the 20th anniversary edition of the Cameron Crowe classic Say Anything, a large group of John Cusack lookalikes, in full Lloyd Dobler regalia and hoisting boomboxes over their heads, roamed the streets of New York yesterday. Elsewhere, hundreds of character actor John Mahoney lookalikes embezzled money from nursing homes around the country, though not necessarily to promote the DVD release.

Link: NYC Gets Mobbed by Lloyd Doblers (PopCandy)

Bromfield, Dionne — The British teen singer and star of a popular UK television show tells The Times that she never set out to become famous, saying she’s “not a wannabe Miley Cyrus.” Allegedly, she went on to add “For starters, people have actually heard of Miley Cyrus.”

Link: Bromfield: “I’m Not a Wannabe Miley Cyrus (Digital Spy)

Colbert, Stephen — Faux-pundit funnyman Stephen Colbert revealed on Monday’s Colbert Report that his show will be the primary sponsor for the U.S. olympic speedskating team in the upcoming Vancouver Olympics, with “Colbert Nation” to be emblazoned on the team’s spandex uniforms. No joke here. That’s just plain fantastic. Let it be known that the Brown Tweed Society is coming for you, Pairs Figure Skating!

Link: Colbert Goes for  Gold, Sponsors US Speedskating (Yahoo)

Ewoks, Drunk — Sure, the Today show staff celebrated Halloween by dressing as the cast of Star Wars. Whoop de doo. The real story came during a segment on Halloween snacks, whereupon a couple of (allegedly) drunken “ewoks” decided to spice up the segment. Witness the throwing of food, a near fight, a clearly perturbed guest, a strange display of moonwalking and ultimately — ready for this? — the dry humping of Al Roker’s leg. Yes, seriously. You’re welcome.

Link: “Drunk” Ewoks Disrupt NBC’s Today Show (The Live Feed)

Kardashian, Khloe — The recently wed Kardashian sister told Ryan Seacrest’s radio program that although she recently chose a tattoo of new husband Lamar Odom’s initials on her hand, she deeply regrets the lower back tattoo she had inked several years ago. According to Kardashian, the location doesn’t bother her as much as the fact that said tattoo is an illustrated depiction of the Bob Evans signature “Sausage Gravy Breakfast.”

Link: Khloe Kardashian Regrets Getting a “Tramp Stamp” (Us Magazine)

Rihanna — Recently honored as one of Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year, Rihanna told an interviewer that the level of press she received after her incident with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown was astounding, saying she “went to bed as Rihanna but woke up as Britney Spears.” I know how you feel, Rihanna. I once woke up as Britney Spears too, after I smoked 4 cartons of Kools, ate an entire country ham and went to sleep on the bathroom floor of a Popeye’s Chicken.

Link: Rihanna “Woke Up as Britney Spears” After Chris Brown Attack (PopEater)

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