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The Entertation Index: November 5

November 5, 2009

Bullock, Sandra – Along with husband Jesse James, Bullock is petitioning for sole custody of his daughter Sunny.  The child’s mother, ex-porn star Janine Lindemulder, was recently released from prison after doing six months for tax evasion.  Bullock and James believe she would be an unfit parent, and visits would have to be supervised because Lindemulder can’t be trusted to care for the child.  They may drop the petition after learning that when Lindemulder supposedly said, “I make a great box lunch,” she actually meant a wholesome mid-day meal.

Link: Bullock’s Custody Battle (E! Online)

Cage, Nicolas – The National Treasure star has sued his financial manager for mismanaging his money, but sources close to the actor say Cage’s extravagant spending contributed to his cash woes.  Cage’s expensive and questionable acquisitions include a jet, yachts, meteorites, and dinosaur skulls.  Asked about this, Cage may have responded, “This was the only way I could out-ridiculous my acting in Snake Eyes and Face-Off.”

Link: Cage To Blame? (The Daily Beast)

Diddy – Sean John Combs, formerly Puffy Spice, tells People magazine he takes a bath every morning at 3 am to unwind from work.  It is after a Mexican buffet and while submerged in warm, scented water that Diddy really relaxes and produces his best “Ass-Tweets.

Link: Diddy Trivia (People)

Kidman, Nicole – The Australian actress opens up about her current marriage to Keith Urban, and a very little bit about a previous marriage to some other guy: “I’ve explored obsession. I’ve explored loss and love in terms of being in a grief-stricken place, I’ve explored strange sexual fetish stuff.”  It is assumed that by “strange sexual fetish stuff,” Kidman was talking about sex with Tom Cruise.

Link: Kinky Kidman (Daily Mail)

Prejean, Carrie – The famous runner-up in the Miss California USA Pageant has dropped her suit against the organizers.  After asking for a million dollars, TMZ reports Prejean settled for nothing after a Pageant lawyer presented her with a home-made sex tape showing Prejean in some racy, um, solo action.  Prejean reportedly said she didn’t need their damn money anyway; she could handle herself.

Link: Prejean Drops Suit (TMZ)

Zolciak, Kim – Real Housewife of Atlanta Zolciak openly admits to having enhancement surgeries, and getting Botox treatments for migraines.  “Botox also leaves my face blank and expressionless,” Zolciak may have added, “just like my personality!”

Link: Zolciak Botoxes (Huffington Post)

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