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The Entertation Index: November 11

November 11, 2009

Aniston, Jennifer — The former Friends star was spotted hanging out with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher during New York’s recent “24-Hour Plays On Broadway,” a festival which prompts celebrities to take on scripts having not seen them ahead of time. The three seemed to be having such a good time together that Aniston’s publicists’s heads were said to have exploded trying to frantically decide which of the two to romantically link to Aniston.

Link: Jennifer Aniston Parties With Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore (HuffPo)

Kardashian, Khloe — The recently wed Kardashian sister tells Us Magazine that she went off her diet after meeting beau Lamar Odom and has “gained five pounds” since their recent wedding. “I really overdid it at the reception,” Kardashian may have said. “I shouldn’t have eaten that last child.”

Link: Khloe Kardashian Says She’s Gained Five Pounds Since Wedding (Us Magazine)

Letterman, David — Lawyers for David Letterman stalker Joe Halderman say that Halderman was not trying to blackmail Letterman by leaving a script in the backseat of his car, but rather just shopping a screenplay. It’s easy to see where the confusion lies, since that screenplay was called Give Me Two Million Dollars To Keep Quiet, David Letterman. Also, that’s a pretty long title for a movie.

Link: Letterman Suspect Was Shopping Screenplay, Not Blackmailing (PopEater)

Lopez, George — Last night’s cross-network premiere of  Lopez Tonight on TBS, TNT and TruTV netted an impressive 3.2 million viewers. 1.7 million of those viewers watched the program on TBS, which makes it technically a hit for the network. Congratulations, George Lopez! You handily beat out five consecutive episodes of The Office that everyone already saw three years ago!

Link: “Lopez Tonight” Scores Strong Debut for TBS (The Live Feed)

Shit My Dad Says — Yesterday marks the first Twitter user to be picked up for a television deal, as Justin Halpern, who lives at home with his parents, has been offered a CBS sitcom deal for his Twitter account “Shit My Dad Says.” Halpern’s tweets and the fact a Twitter account has a TV development deal would be normally chastized and hailed as ridiculous by this very site if it weren’t so fantastically funny. Good for you, Justin.

Link: Twitter User “Shit My Dad Says” Gets CBS Deal (The Live Feed)

Tracy, Dick — Actor and star of the 1990 film Dick Tracy Warren Beatty is currently locked in a fierce legal battle with Tribune Company over who owns the legal rights to the comic property. Beatty claims he purchased the rights in 1985, while Tribune claims it has retained its claim to the fictional detective. For what its worth, I’m siding with whichever party promises never to air the movie again.

Link: Dick Tracy Battle Moves to California (Wall Street Journal)


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