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Choosing the right family dentistry is important

November 13, 2009

Adults often dislike going to the dentist for regular teeth cleanings, not to mention family and cosmetic dentistry issues that arise. So, when it comes to picking a dentist for a family, you want to follow these tips to help ensure your children have a positive experience each and every time, you want to get as close to the team as possible. Oral care is so important and teaching your kids early on that a good dentist is a critical part will go a long way.

Dental professionals who are capable of proactively noticing dental issues recommend treatment plans are those that should be sought after. Experience with kids, especially young children, is important because adults and children have very different needs when it comes to their teeth and gums. Research a potential dentist online via their website or reviews to see their experience and if they specialize in family dentistry. Adults should look for a dentist that is easy to talk to and one where you feel comfortable asking questions and voicing your concerns. If you have trouble doing this, then your children will likely have bad experiences with said dentist. Obvious parts of the family dentist search should be location and availability. You never knew when an emergency visit will be necessary. From the perspective of a child, gentleness, patience, and kindness are the most important qualities a good family dentist should have.
If you have a fear of the dentist, you have the ability to prevent your children from developing that by choosing a family dentist who is skilled and gentle with both adults and children. An experienced dentist will consult you on all issues your child faces with their oral care as well as hear any concerns you may have. With these tips, a family dentist is just a bit of research away.
Here are some things you should look for when deciding which family dentist is right for you:

How long has the practice been operating?
There is no substitute for experience and being a grounded part of the community. In addition, you might want to check on the dentist’s credentials and what professional organizations they belong to.

What level of emergency care is available?
If you have an active family, especially kids who play sports, you’ll want to make sure dental care is easy to access in the evenings and on weekends.

What is the dentist’s referral policy?
If the primary office cannot perform a certain procedure, who do they partner with and why.

Is the practice insurance friendly?
If the dental office is not in your network, this should be a big consideration for you, and one that may disqualify that particular office, you want to make sure to get Holistic Health Care. You should also pay attention to the fee structure to make sure it is in line with other similar practices.

Is the office equipped for the particular needs of children?
Is the front office “kid friendly” with books for young readers, possibly a video screen with children’s movies, or other décor that will put a child at ease?

Ask your friends and neighbors for a referral.
Find families you trust and ask who they are seeing. If their feedback is good, chances are it will be a good experience for you as well.

Does the office make a commitment to new dental technologies?
Just as with other fields of medicine, dental medicine keeps on making strides in patient care and treatment. A dentist who shows a commitment to ongoing continuing education or investments in new dental technology is likely to provide you with the best care possible.

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