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The Entertation Index: November 16

November 16, 2009

Beyoncé — Mrs. Jay-Z herself has collaborated on a duet with disco diva Lady Gaga. Check out the song “Video Phone” at the link below. And if you like that, you’re going to love the Alicia Keys/Rihanna duet “Toaster Oven” and the Akon/Kanye West tune “Humidity-Controlled Crisper.”

Link: New Lady Gaga-Beyoncé Duet “Video Phone” (EW)

Fox, Megan — Welcome back to the Index, Megan! The Jennifer’s Body star tells Esquire magazine that if she could keep doing genre films like Jennifer’s Body, she’d be “really happy” to “be covered in blood and vomit for the rest of my life.” Since she’s already signed on to Transformers 3 and continues to appear in Michael Bay films, it looks like dreams do come true.

Link: Megan Fox Bored of Movies (contactmusic)

Gaga, LadySee: Beyoncé

Kardashian, Khloe — As Kourtney Kardashian prepares to step into her moment of undeserved spotlight when she has a baby in December, the rest of the clan threw her a shower over the weekend. While presents poured in from Pottery Barn Kids, Gymboree, Babies R’ Us and other stores, sister Khloe hinted at her own intentions by gifting a stainless steel platter and cajun seasonings from Williams-Sonoma. 

Link: Kardashian Ladies Throw Kourtney a Baby Shower (People)

Panettierre, Hayden — The CW has announced that Heroes‘ Hayden Panettiere will be the co-executive producer of the upcoming HMS, which focuses on Harvard medical students. The show will be written by Amy Holden Jones, the writer of Mystic Pizza. When told that, Panettiere laughed, saying “Mystic Pizza? That sounds silly.” When informed that Mystic Pizza was a movie in the eighties, she shook her head, saying “now you guys are just making things up. Is this Punk’d?”

Link: Hayden Panettiere, TV Producer (The Live Feed)

Pie, American — Folks, I just made Christmas shopping easy on you. Just pick up, for everyone you love on your list, a copy of American Pie: Book of Love on December 22 — which, if you’re counting, is the eighth sequel to the franchise. With cameos by Kevin Federline, Dustin Diamond, Bret Michaels, C. Thomas Howell, Christopher Knight and Curtis Armstrong, it’s a wonder this movie ever got made since it’s very hard to shoot a film when your cast is busy stuffing their pockets full of food from the craft services table. 

Link: American Pie Presents: The Book of Love On DVD Dec. 22 (Starpulse)

Towers, Fawlty — Don’t forget to enter the TBTS Essay Contest for a chance to win a deluxe box set of Fawlty Towers Remastered. The topic’s an easy one: your favorite post-Python project from one of the troupe. Now get writing; you know the economy’s too bad for you to spend your own money on provincial twit-based Anglocomedy. You need us.

Link: The TBTS Essay Contest: Fawlty Towers Remastered (this site)

Whedon, Joss — Look, I’m not saying that Dollhouse was good or it wasn’t; I never watched it so I’m not even going to attempt a judgment. All I’m saying is that Whedon is won’t just let it go. Look Joss, it’s okay. Sometimes shows fail. Doesn’t mean that they weren’t good, alright? You just suck it up and move on to…a spin-off of Dollhouse?  That’s the plan? Okay then.

Link: Is Joss Whedon’s Post-Dollhouse Plan Already Underway? (io9)


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