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The Entertation Index: November 17

November 17, 2009

2012 – Roland Emmerich’s new film pulled in $225 million globally this weekend, proving that disaster films aren’t necessarily box office disasters.  Unfortunately, the enormous success of 2012, Transformers 2, and G.I. Joe, means that no big-budget movie with a good plot or script will ever again be made.

Link: 2012 Destroys World Box Office (Show Hype)

Cox, Courteney – The Friends co-star will return to the popular Scream series in its fourth installment.  She’ll reprise her role as Gale Weathers, an attractive older woman who tracks down mysterious younger men doing bad things so she can bring them to “justice.”  As such, Scream 4 will be named Cougar Town.

Link: Courteney Cox in Scream 4 (Extra TV)

Lohan, Lindsay – The actress/singer was partying recently at the Crown Bar in L.A. and allegedly tromped into the kitchen and grabbed a couple expensive bottles of champagne.  When asked to pay her tab, an onlooker says that Lohan freaked out: “She kept saying ‘I don’t pay for drinks! This is ridiculous!”  Lindsay, darling, you look like you’ve already paid for them.

Link: Lindsay Loses It (People)

Moon, New – You may have heard about a little series of books called Twilight.  And supposedly there is a movie or two based on them.  If you live near a theater, your world will end this Friday, when you and your possessions will be trampled into dust by screaming, vampire-obsessed tweens.

Link: New Moon Opens (Gawker)

Prejean, Carrie – Vivid Entertainment has been in contact with Ms. Prejean about purchasing and distributing her eight sex tapes (seven more have been discovered).  An octuplet of sextapelets, just in time for holiday gift-giving.  Thanks, Carrie!

Link: Prejean On Camera (TMZ)

Springsteen, Bruce – At a recent concert in Auburn Hills, Michigan, The Boss accidentally shouted, “Hello, Ohio!”  The audience forgave him, once they realized his confusion: when Springsteen was born, Ohio and Michigan were still part of the Northwest Territory.

Link: Springsteen’s Error (Associated Content)

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