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The Entertation Index: November 23

November 23, 2009

Awards, Emmy — The annual awards for excellence in television will be moved from late September, when they are traditionally held, to August in 2010. This is great news — now you can not care about the Emmy Awards almost an entire month earlier than you normally would.

Link: Emmy Awards are Moved up to August (LA Times)

Dancing, Dirty — The TV Guide channel has announced that it will host a special 12-hour Dirty Dancing marathon, which will show the film back to back six times, on Christmas Day. While it seems like a terrible idea in theory, in practicality it will make a wonderful tool for driving unwanted family, friends and neighbors from your home.

Link: Dirty Dancing Marathon — On Christmas? (Dallas News)

Lively, Blake — The Gossip Girl star and upcoming headliner of the film the Many Lives of Pippa Lee, which details a younger woman’s romance with an older man, tells Parade Magazine what it was like lying naked atop 75 year-old veteran actor Alan Arkin. “It really took me back,” Lively allegedly said. “I always loved that old faux-leather beanbag chair my family kept in the basement.”

Link: Blake Lively Talks Lying Naked On Top of Alan Arkin (Huffington Post)

Mayer, John — The guitarist, now promoting a new album, tells the UK’s Guardian that “you can’t make music a famous person — famous people make really bad records.” He then excused himself to twitter witty bon mots nonstop for four and a half hours, conduct interviews for Access Hollywood and Extra, drop in and try out some standup comedy at the Stress Factory in L.A. and date the most famous people he could find.

Link: John Mayer: You Can’t Make Music as a Famous Person (The Guardian)

Reality, Augmented — To coincide with the release of the supposedly revolutionary 3-D James Cameron film Avatar, McDonald’s Coca-Cola and Mattel have teamed for happy meal toys featuring “augmented reality,” which will allow kids to see their toys spring to life visually when held up in front of a webcam. Because that’s a great idea — putting more children in front of webcams. Might want to think this one through. In my opinion, nerf guns are the best toy for 2017 and they should consider giving them with happy meals.

Link: Avatar Toys With Augmented Reality (Variety)

Street, Sesame — REM, Johnny Cash, Paul Simon and LL Cool J are represented in Rolling Stone’s giant list of the greatest musical performances in Sesame Street history. The list actually is rather impressive, even if it does grievously omit the episodes where Prairie Dawn suffers a wardrobe malfunction, Ozzy Osbourne bites the head off Big Bird and Jim Morrison shows up drunk and exposes himself to Oscar the Grouch.

Link: Sesame Street at 40: The Show’s Classic Music Moments (Rolling Stone)

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