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The Entertation Index: November 24

November 24, 2009

Cruise, Tom – Seven bulls escaped from a set in Spain during a film shoot involving Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  Two women were hurt when the animals…wait, it was Tom Cruise “bulls” and not “bullshit” that caused injury?  It made more sense the other way.

Link: Bulls Escape Cruise Film Set (BBC)

Cyrus, Miley – The Hannah Montana star tells People that she writes songs in her sleep: “I write in my sleep…I don’t know how, but I’ll work on a song, go to sleep and it’s finished when I wake up.”  Miley, that’s because your songs are written by a computer program.

Link: Miley Trivia (People)

Gosselin, Jon – The Jon and Kate Plus 8 star brought his estranged wife a bouquet of red roses to their divorce arbitration hearing, but Kate rejected the offering.  However, both were surprised when everything seemed to go quite well: John was shocked when the roses did not wilt in her presence, and Kate found it odd that after she turned him down he didn’t try to smoke the blooms or sleep with every other woman in the room.

Link: Gosselin Divorce Progressing (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

Lopez, Jennifer – Lopez explains to Ryan Seacrest on his morning show that she meant to fall during the American Music Awards.  Listeners were willing to play along with the joke until Lopez reportedly said, in all seriousness, that she also meant to make “Jenny From The Block.”

Link: J-Lo’s Intentional Misstep (EW)

Mayer, John – The soft-rock-ish singer sounds off on lots of topics in a recent New York Times piece, including music, relationships, and especially women.  Some were a little surprised at his conclusion that he “should be having sex with more girls,” given that the singer has…wait, someone is actually surprised that a heterosexual guy thinks that?

Link: Mayer Interview (New York Times)

Stapp, Scott – In a recent interview with Spin magazine, the Creed frontman weighs in on his experiences with drugs, guns, leather pants, and a sex tape that showed him and friend (at the time) Kid Rock receiving oral sex from groupies.  Although Creed doesn’t consider oral sex actual sex, he…wait, the dude from Creed was actually friends with Kid Rock?

Link: Stapp Interview (Spin)

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  1. November 24, 2009 1:38 pm

    Don’t forget the speculation about Disney’s super-secret MILE-E robot intended to replace the real Miley Cyrus and keep the Hannah Montana franchise active indefinitely.

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