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An Expansive And Heartfelt Thanks to (Almost) Everyone

November 27, 2009

This site owes its existence in part to train-wreck celebs, water-cooler discussion topics, and gonzo gotcha journalism.  Let me explain: if it weren’t for outrageous, sound-bite, surface treatment of pop culture—entertainment’s empty calories—people might not find refuge in the unadulterated high-brow goodness that is The Brown Tweed Society.  (Lest you think I am serious, at least about the “unadulterated” part, enter “fart” into the search box on our index page and see how many posts come up.  A lot.)

Thanks to almost everyone, even the Lohans and Hiltons and Kardashians (especially rumored pedophage Khloe), who give us our easy outs .  Thanks to the Ridley Scotts and the Tina Feys and the Cormac McCarthys and the Meshell Ndgeocellos who make us think a little more deeply about comedy, art, and culture in general.  Thanks to the Megan Foxes and Lady Gagas and Kanye Wests, who make us straddle the fence sometimes and really analyze why we love or hate, but rarely ignore, pop culture icons.

But thanks most to the following:

  1. Family (mine, and I hope yours, too): for supporting our creative endeavors in founding and maintaining a site like this, even though it don’t pay no bills (yet).
  2. Brown Tweed Writers: TBTS couldn’t exist without you.  I thought I was smart, funny, and witty, but damn…y’all some talented folks.  I’m still learning from you; please don’t hate me if I steal stuff.
  3. Readers: thank you most of all for helping making this whole thing worthwhile.  We probably would have written stuff anyway, but collecting it all in one forum for others (and honestly, ourselves) to read and enjoy has made it easier and more fulfilling.  I hope we make your time at “work” more enjoyable.  Be sure to keep the site up on your browser for hours, hit the refresh button (or F5) a lot, and tell your friends and loved ones to read us.  When we start selling Pheromone and Evony ads, you’ll know we hit the big time.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone.

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