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Things I Am Thankful For: The Double-Whammy of KISS and John Mayer

November 28, 2009

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I find it amazing that I live in a country where I can watch a KISS concert online on Thanksgiving Eve.  I’m thankful that Paul Stanley has to wear a girdle and that Gene Simmons still has a tongue the size of a large rat.  I’m thankful that Simmons, Stanley and the two other guys finally made it to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ballot for 2010, along with LL Cool J and the Chili Peppers.  I’m a little less thankful that ABBA is on the same ballot, but that’s another story for another time.

I’m thankful that there are people like John Mayer in the pop music world.  Thanks to Mayer, when it comes time to teach my children the meaning of “douche” I’ve got a prime example.  Reading about Mayer talking about his “haters” and how he has “artistic tenure” gives me the same feeling that I got the other day when I sat next to a self-confident (pretentious), chatty (windbag) young feller (prick) on a plane who regaled me with amazing (inflated) tales of his success (luck).  Here’s a glass raised for Mayer and KISS.  Only in America.

In all seriousness folks, I’m tremendously grateful that my fellow Tweeders still allow me to pontificate and that you continue to read.  I’m expecting the bubble to burst at any time, but whenever it does I will have enjoyed the heck out of the ride.  I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanks for reading.

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