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The Entertation Index: December 1

December 1, 2009

Baldwin, Alec – The eldest and bestest Baldwin announces that he will most likely quit acting in 2012 when his 30 Rock contract expires.  His career would have been awesome even if he had played only Jack Donaghy, but this sucks even worse when you think of who probably still will be acting in 2012.

Link: Baldwin Bailing (Us)

Cruise, Suri – TomKat’s daughter has been the subject of much discussion because of her predilection for high heels.  Is it appropriate for a 3-year-old to wear such shoes?  According to mom Katie Holmes, Suri simply likes wearing them.  “Besides,” Katie may have added, “Suri should be able to look her dad in the eye when he talks to her.”

Link: Suri’s Heels (

Host, Celebrity Wedding – Jason Alexander and Fran Drescher hosted a wedding in Australia this weekend for two people they didn’t know and had never even met.  It is not known how much they were paid, but they reportedly asked, “do you have anything else?  A bar mitzvah?  A christening?  You need a ribbon cut for a basement-finishing ceremony?”

Link: Drescher, Alexander Host Wedding (NY Post)

Legos, The Matrix In – Check this out, and be sure to watch the video that puts the actual movie scene and the Lego scene side-by-side.  Awesome.

Link: Lego Matrix (io9)

Pants, Celebrities Without – Huffington Post has a photo poll asking which pantsless celebrity has the hottest look.  Rihanna?  Lindsay Lohan?  Flea?  When voting, be sure to email Huffington and ask why Tom Arnold wasn’t included.

Link: Famous, Without Pants (Huffington Post)

Witherspoon, Reese – The Legally Blonde actress is rumored to have split with actor Jake Gyllenhall.  Reports say he proposed but she was unsure: should she marry the high-profile, big-city, sophisticated, famous actor?  Or give her simple, rough-but-lovable, Southern hometown sweetheart a second chance?

Link: Witherspoon Splits? (Showbiz Spy)

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