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The Entertation Index: December 3

December 3, 2009

Clooney, GeorgeThe Men Who Stare At Goats star has introduced his girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, to his mother, Nina Warren, an indication that things may be serious.  “Now what’s this one’s name again?  Should I bother to remember it?” Warren reportedly asked.

Link: Elisabetta, Meet Ma (Huffington Post)

Garner, Jennifer – Fill in the blank: People reports that the Alias star wasn’t a fan of ______ before meeting husband Ben Affleck: “The more I watched – ’cause it was on all the time – the more he explained, the more I like it. Now I really like it.”  If you guessed “Red Sox baseball” or “bad porn,” you’re right!  (Note: before 2004, they were very similar: fun to watch for a while and probably a good time for the people getting paid to do it, but at the end a disappointment for the spectator.)

Link: Jennifer Garner Trivia (People)

Kitten, Cute – I needed a cute-fix today, so you get one, too.  This is awfully damn adorable.

Link: Cute Kitten (Yahoo)

Lopez, Jennifer – Apparently the sex tape featuring Lopez and ex-husband Ojani Noa lacks something—sex.  However, Noa still wants to showcase the footage, breaching two confidentiality agreements he signed, in his upcoming film: “They’re trying to stop me from making my documentary and I’m fighting for my rights.”  If Noa somehow prevails in court, I’ll fight for my “rights” to make my “documentary” with “footage” I got from “letting myself into Jessica Alba’s house and putting a hidden camera in the ceiling above her shower.”

Link: No Sex in Lopez Sex Tape (CNN)

Mellencamp, JohnThe “Jack and Diane” singer’s 14-year-old son has started a Facebook group to get his dad to stop lighting up.  Mellencamp promised that if 1,000,000 people join it, he’ll quit smoking for good.  On a related note, Snoop Dogg supposedly will quit smoking weed if his Facebook group gets 1,000,000,000,000 members.

Link: Mellencamp To Quit Smoking? (USA Today)

Portman, Natalie — In her interview with Marie Claire, Portman reveals that she didn’t get drunk or high until college.  Nice try, Natalie.  We already know all about you and booze and weed, and yeyo and dudes and fighting, thanks to SNL.  Still hilarious.

Link: Portman Dishes (NY Post)

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