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The Entertation Index: December 9

December 9, 2009

Art, Television — The ultra-hip UK website Blanka is known for its original designs, prints and limited-edition posters. But for those television addicts who like a little bit of minimalism with their fandom, here are some extremely cool posters paying homage to your favorite shows.

Link: Blanka/Iconic TV (Blanka)

Cage, Nicolas — TMZ reports that an ex-girlfriend and mother of Nicolas Cage’s child is claiming that the actor inflicted “mental, physical and emotional abuse” on her when the two lived together. One can only assume this means she was subjected to repeated viewings of Windtalkers.

Link: Nicolas Cage’s Ex makes Wild Claims In Suit (TMZ)

Popeye — Wondering why the swarthy sailor was featured on Google’s searchbar yesterday? That’s because cartoonist E.C. Segar would have been 115 years old on Tuesday. Segar is noted for originating the character, populating the Popeye universe with a host of maritime hooligans, and, in Olive Oyl, creating an impossibly high standard of waifism for the modeling industry that the average woman can never hope to compete with and launching a host of body image issues for females for the next hundred years.

Link: Why is Popeye on the Google Home-Page Today? (EW)

Powter, Daniel — The pop artist’s 2006 song “Bad Day” has been named the one-hit wonder of the decade by Billboard Magazine. And when you think about it, it’s really a surprise Powter didn’t have more hit singles. Who can forget his self-titled debut album, and classic tracks like “Suspect,” “Lie to Me” and “Give Me Life.” Or that Powter won New Artist of the Year at the Canadian Juno Awards as well as 2005’s Record of the Year by the British Phonographic Industry? Or that….okay, I’m just looking on his Wikipedia page.

Link: Daniel Powter Named One-Hit Wonder of Decade for “Bad Day” (Billboard)

Shore, Jersey — Don’t toss that Drakkar just yet. MTV’s newest train-wreck, Jersey Shore, features a group of Italian-American twenty-somethings and has come under fire from Italian-American defamation groups who call the show “offensive.” But star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino tells Entertainment Weekly that the terms “guido” and “guidette” are not offensive at all when “used in a loving way.” What’s not acceptable, however, is calling one’s self “The Situation.”

Link: “Jersey Shore” Star “The Situation” Talks About MTV’s Controversial Series (EW)

Stamos, John — A Michigan couple have been arrested for attempted extortion after blackmailing John Stamos and threatening to release embarrassing photos if  Stamos didn’t pay $680,000. Stamos allegedly told press that he didn’t need any help — he’s doing perfectly fine embarrassing himself. BAM!

Link: FBI: Michigan Pair Tried to Extort Actor John Stamos (Detroit Free Press)

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