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My Hallmark Christmas Movie: The Christmas Dog

December 10, 2009

Maggie Westerberg is a klutzy advice columnist for the Kettle Grove Tribune, in a tiny town in New England. The only problem is that while she doles out love advice for everyone else on a daily basis, she herself continues to be unlucky in love. Her mother, who is a real spitfire even though she’s elderly, thinks Maggie is a real catch, but Maggie is beginning to grow tired of her mom’s constant meddling in her love life.

Maggie eats dinner at her sister Gloria’s house. Her sister drinks a lot of wine, but in a funny way, not in a drunk way. Gloria also wears glasses, so we know she’s a real smart aleck. She has three kids and a husband at whom she comically yells. She tells Maggie that it’s time to find someone to date, because she’s not getting any younger.

It’s Christmas, and everyone in Kettle Grove is preparing for the holiday. Jaunty music plays. The town is abuzz in preparation of a giant holiday festival. Lights are going up everywhere. Maggie is walking down the street with an armful of papers just as a stray dog is stealing an apple from an apple cart. As the shop owner chases the dog he runs through Maggie’s legs and her papers fly everywhere! Maggie is frustrated and embarrassed, especially when the handsome veterinarian Dr. Ben Cliveson stops to help her pick everything up. She’s so nervous that she can hardly talk, and makes herself look silly.

Cut to several days later. The stray dog, which is really cute, has started showing up on Maggie’s doorstep, despite her humorous asides about how she doesn’t have time to take care of a dog. One afternoon, Maggie, Gloria and Gloria’s children go ice skating at the pond. There is an comic moment where Maggie loses control on her ice skates and runs straight into Dr. Cliveson, knocking them both down. He asks her out on a date because oddly enough, even though she’s so clumsy, she’s still the most attractive woman in the whole town.

Maggie and Dr. Cliveson go out on a date and there is a hilarious mix-up and things go awry. You’ll just have to see it.

The following morning, Maggie commiserates with Gloria, who has her hands full cooking a Christmas dinner and trying to manage all the kids. Gloria tells her that her date probably didn’t go as terribly as Maggie thought, but there are other fish in the sea. Gloria also says some really funny stuff about her own husband being a buffoon, even though he’s a good guy. That’s just how Gloria is. Remember, she’s wearing glasses.

The next day is Christmas Eve. Maggie is shopping and runs into a very nice  old man who has a big white beard. The old man tells Maggie that sometimes Christmas wishes do come true, and that she should remember what she really wants for Christmas. Maggie sighs, knowing that what she really wants is true love.

Late on Christmas Eve, Maggie is looking out the window and drinking some hot chocolate as a crisp, white snow begins to fall. It’s very beautiful, yet Maggie is sad. Suddenly she sees the stray dog outside, weak and freezing. She rushes out to pick it up and rushes him to Dr. Cliveson’s house, knocking on his door. He saves the stray dog and asks Maggie to stay because it’s cold outside. They kiss in front of a fire and the Christmas tree as the dog sleeps happily and a Vanessa Williams Christmas song plays.

On Christmas Day, Gloria and her family are surprised when Maggie shows up with Dr. Cliveson. They are very much in love. The dog is healthy again and follows behind them. playing with the children. As they all open gifts and enjoy being a family, the camera zooms out through the window and the old bearded man from earlier is walking down the street. He smiles and winks at the camera, knowing everything has turned out just right. Is he Santa? We’ll never know (He is!!!). Snow begins to fall. Roll credits.

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