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The Entertation Index: December 10

December 10, 2009

Cuomo, Rivers – The Weezer frontman was hospitalized this week after the band’s tour bus was involved in an accident.  Cuomo is expected to recuperate for a couple days, during which time he will write 57 songs.  Eleven will have titles that include oddly spelled or made-up words, 20 you’ll sort of get, and one will be based on a cool article about wasabi peas he read last week.

Link: Cuomo Hospitalized (Pitchfork)

Cyrus, Miley – The tween sensation met the Queen of England Monday night, at a performance in Blackpool.  Asked how it felt to meet such an esteemed figure, Cyrus is thought to have replied, “it totally awesome to meet a real George Washington impersonator.”

Link: Miley Meets the Queen (Huffington Post)

Gosselin, Kate – Moving on from Jon and Kate Plus Eight, the Gosselin matriarch has been working on her new show, which is reported to have the title “Mom Logic.”  It will probably feature everyday situations in which Kate gets completely frazzled over insignificant details, Kate yells at her kids for acting like kids, and Kate goes crazy in general.

Link: Gosselin Gets New Show? (Radar Online)

Shore, Jersey – The new MTV show has lost a few sponsors since its premiere last week.  Dominos pizza initiated the exodus, with American Family Insurance following suit: “[w]e took the simple and prudent step of asking MTV to not air any more … promos during ‘Jersey Shore’ reruns over the weekend.”  The spokesman then may have added, “I don’t know what the hell we were thinking advertising on this show in the first place.”

Link: Jersey Shore Loses Another Sponsor (TMZ)

Kelly, R. – The super-successful R&B/pop singer is crafting a biography that will supposedly “tell it like it is,” including the notorious court case, which ended in his acquittal on child pornography charges.  The memoir is expected to be released in a zillion hip-hopera chapters featuring stanzas that will rhyme “shower” with “shower.”

Link: R. Kelly Memoir (MSNBC)

Loser, Biggest – Season 8 of The Biggest Loser just ended, with a new winner crowned.  Forty-year-old musician and surveyor Danny Cahill won by shedding 239 pounds, or 10 Nicole Richies.

Link: Biggest Winner (NY Daily News)

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  1. Jay St. Orts permalink
    December 10, 2009 8:59 am

    Great Index, Mr. Shorr.

    I wonder if we can petition the National Conference of Weights and Measures on behalf of including the “Nicole Richie” as a valid conversion?

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