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The Entertation Index: December 11

December 11, 2009

Armageddon, Signs of –– We’re looping these two together because somehow it just seems right. 65 year-old Gary Busey is going to be a father again, and the fourth season of Mr. Belvedere is about to be released on DVD. The correlation? Both are things which are great news to completely insane people.

Links: Mr. Belvedere (TV shows on DVD), Busey (People)

Bay, Michael — ¬†Transformers director Michael Bay has directed a Victoria’s Secret television commercial airing currently. Actually, that makes a lot of sense. Bay always has known how to make a bust look good.

Link: Panties, Push-up Bras and…Michael Bay? (LA Times)

Dolby, Thomas — Did the “She Blinded Me With Science” singer accidentally reveal that a new Star Wars movie is in the works? Writing on his personal website, Dolby blogged that he’d been visiting a friend who works for LucasArts, and who is allegedly currently working on a “Star Wars-related TV show, movie and online game.” Of course, the collective heads of the Star Wars Community exploded upon hearing the word “movie,” proving that it’s true that Lucas can bring anything we can imagine to life, including a renewed interest in Thomas Dolby.

Link: Cruel Thomas Dolby Starts A New Hope With Star Wars Movie Rumors (IO9)

Duff, Hilary — The pop songstress and former Lizzie McGuire star allegedly told Nylon magazine that she had a tattoo of the word “SHINE” inked onto her hand to help her to always remember to “shine.” This is, at the very least, more poetic than Lindsay Lohan’s hand tattoos, which read “LEFT” and “RIGHT” to help her always remember which hand is her left and which is her right at the end of the evening.

Link: Duff’s New Tattoo Reminds Her to Shine (Contactmusic)

Heuer, Tag — Watchmakers Tag Heuer have pulled advertisements featuring golfer Tiger Woods in the wake of the golfer’s indiscretions. They, apparently, were also tired of Entertainment Tonight, Extra and Access Hollywood calling them nonstop to find out who “Heuer” is and how she knew Tiger Woods.

Link: That’s Time: Tiger’s Sexcapades Not So Advertiser-Friendly (E! Online)

Lipton, James — In bizarre new television ads from LG, the Inside the Actor’s Studio host does not want you to sext. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s good enough for me to stop sexting James Lipton.

Link: Funny Cell Phone Ads Tell Teens to Stop “Sexting” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Snafus, Facebook — The Huffington Post has collated a list of great Facebook errors in judgement. Let this be a lesson to you, folks. Watch those status updates. And definitely check this stuff out; it’s very funny.

Link: The Funniest Facebook Snafus of all Time (Huffington Post)

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