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The Entertation Index: December 14

December 14, 2009

Cox, Brian — You already knew actor Brian Cox was awesome; now witness him teaching Hamlet’s famous soliloquy to an exceptionally adorable 2 year-old. Sure, that’s okay, I guess, but does he know the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Henry V? No? Amateur.

Link: Brian Cox Teaches 2 Year-Old Hamlet (FilmDrunk)

Flash, The — The creators of a new Flash comic says that the story arc for the new narrative is somewhat of a beginning from the ground-up. Writer Geoff Johns called the new plot “a very basic concept — it’s superhero CSI.” This is great news; I’ve always wondered how much more quickly a murder could be solved if David Caruso could get a DNA sample back to the lab really, really fast.

Link: Barry Allen Is Back With a Flash (Gamma Squad)

Madonna — 51 year-old Madonna has been dropped as a spokesperson for designer Louis Vuitton and replaced by 25 year-old model Lara Stone. Said a Louis Vuitton spokesperson: “We like our spokespeople to reflect our product — and our product is new bags.”

Link: Madonna Dropped by Louis Vuitton (OK)

Potter, HarryHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows director David Yates tells The Telegraph that Daniel Radcliffe may appear nude in at least one scene of the upcoming installment. I’d just like to thank David Yates and the Telegraph for running this story, using the words “Harry Potter,” “Daniel Radcliffe,” “nude” and “naked,” allowing us to synopsize it here and ensuring that this particular Entertation Index gets google hits from weirdos from now until the end of time. Welcome, pervs!

Link: “Very Sexy” Nude Scene for Harry Potter in New Film (Telegraph

Reid, Tara — The American Pie actress made her Playboy debut in the January/February issue, meaning she’ll grace the coffee tables of college males everywhere for a month; and it probably won’t be the first time she’s been burned by cigarettes and had tequila spilled all over her.

Link: Tara Reid’s Playboy Cover Photo (Huffington Post, Safe for Work)

Saldana,  Zoe — The sultry actress and Avatar star told Esquire magazine that she wants a clumsy,  imperfect “asshole” with flaws. Okay,  Zoe,  I get it. Please,  please stop calling me.

Link: Zoe Saldana Wants Imperfect Love (Esquire via Contactmusic)

Television, in the 2000′s — New York Magazine is currently running a very thoughtful piece on how the 2000’s should be remembered as the decade where television became art. I couldn’t agree more; I’ve been trying to get people to recognize According to Jim as a modern, dadaist portrait of the deluded American family and its disjointed ideals and values for years. I am vindicated!

Link: When TV Became Art (NY Mag)

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