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The Entertation Index: December 15

December 15, 2009

Duggar, Michelle – The 18 Kids & Counting! mom delivered her 19th child early by emergency C-section to avoid complications due to preeclampsia.  Well, let’s say the 1-pound 6-ounce baby girl gives the Duggars their 18.5th kid, putting them at the national average, for America in 1856.

Link: Duggar++ (Best Syndication)

Grant, Hugh – The About A Boy star revealed that he was drunk when he bought an Andy Warhol painting of Elizabeth Taylor, which he ended up selling six years later for a profit of £11 million.  This ended better than the situation with the other stunning Elizabeth, which did not end profitably for Grant.

Link: Hugh Grant: Drunken Art Collector (Daily Mail)

Ivanova, Ekaterina – The 21-year-old ex-girlfriend of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood talked about their abusive relationship, calling him the “evil Goblin King.”  At 41 years younger than Wood, Ivanova can be forgiven for not knowing that David Bowie is the real Goblin King from Labyrinth, a movie that didn’t exist when she was born.

Link: Wood’s Girlfriend Speaks Out (Daily Mail)

Kardashian, Kourtney – The pregnant Kardashian birthed Mason Dash Disick this morning, and sister Khloe immediately asked if she could watch her nephew.  However, the diapers and skin ointments Khloe said she bought to care for the newborn turned out to be tortillas and queso dip.

Link: Kardashian Has Kid (MTV)

Madison, Holly – The Girl Next Door star is playing her cards close to her ample chest when it comes to her newest beau.  Madison has been seen with Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, but insists he is simply her “adventure buddy,” whatever that means.  It is more likely that she simply does not want to be linked to a crap-rock-playing faux-hawked dude named after a famous dog.

Link: Madison + Madden (People)

Woods, Tiger – The embattled golfer sort of dodged a bullet when Playgirl said it will not publish “alleged” nude photos of him because they could not be authenticated.  In that case, these “alleged” naughty photos had the same veracity of the “alleged” winning lottery ticket I tried to cash last week.

Link: Johnston Johnson Yes, Woods Johnson No (Examiner)

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