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The Internet Knows What You Are Thinking And It Is Not Pleased

December 16, 2009

Afternoon, children!  Glad to be back with you on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon.  I’ve been chillin’ here at Casa de Brown Tweed-o, awestruck at the abilities of my best friend Internet.  I never knew it before, but he can read my mind.  Apparently, internet was hiding this ability from me so as to not make me self-concious, but it’s hard to hide a true superpower.  Case in point:  just a couple of days ago, I held a basketball tournament in my head to determineover the best concert movie ever.  With a last second shot in overtime, the Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense beat out Springsteen’s 1975 concert from the Royal Albert Odeon.   I secretly planned on writing a post on the subject to open it up for debate amongst our readership and promptly forgot upon learning that my aspirations of dating Jessica Simpson had once again been dashed, this time by a zombie.  Anyway, I had a few free minutes and was catching up on the goings on over at the A.V. Club, where I learned that the fellers over there caught my brainwaves, came to the same conclusion, and wrote my post for me.  Thank you, Internet telepathy!

In further anthropomorphication of inanimate things, I think my Ipod must be clairvoyant.  While I was working on the previous paragraph, shuffle played me two Kings of Leon songs with the Twilight Singers in between.  Then, as the last note of “Sex On Fire” played, I checked out only to see that the KOL is their Band of the Year for 2009.  I’m not the world’s biggest KOL fan, but I do appreciate where the boys came from and am glad to see thier hard work paying off.  I have to admit, I like these guys better than  Green Day.

Since I seem to be surrounded by mad psychic energy, I’m going to try my hand at precognition.  I’m going to use the magic 8-ball that is my mind to predict some of the hot albums of 2010.  Keep in mind, I have no idea what albums are going to be released next year and really haven’t had time to do any research into the issue.  My first prediction is that Yeasayer will come out of ther self-imposed media exile and release an album in early February.  These guys have a lot of left-over buzz from their 2007 debut and from tearing up Bonnarroo last summer.  Here’s hoping they’ll deliver just as solidly on their sophomore release.

I’m not sure what it is, but something tells me that Vampire Weekend will release something next year.  Those guys haven’t really gotten much press at all, so let’s hope they break out in 2010.  Another band that I predict will release an album, oh say around January 19, is Spoon.  Britt Daniel and Co. were the Kings of Leon of 2007 and if their 2009 EP Got Nuffin’ is any indication, the album will be filled with phonetic song titles.  For my final prediction, I’ll go with Great Britain’s own Lightspeed Champion.  It’s been a bit since Dev Hynes released his debut Falling Off the Lavender Bridge, which contained my favorite song of 2007 “Everyone I Know Is Listening to Crunk.”  A little birdie is telling me that Lightspeed will return with new material in February, and the same birdie is telling me about a FREE album of bootlegs that Lightspeed is providing to the world right now.  Head on over to hear the guy who used to be in a band called “Test Icicles”.  Seriously.  Later!

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  1. Jay St. Orts permalink
    December 16, 2009 3:38 pm

    Test Icicles. That’s great!

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