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The Entertation Index: December 17

December 17, 2009

Gosselin, Jon – The Jon and Kate Plus 8 star is having money troubles so severe that he has told his lawyers they will not be paid unless his suit against TLC succeeds.  Looks like young blondes weren’t the only people Gosselin was screwing while married.

Link: Gosselin Going Broke (Fox)

Keith, Toby – The country music star made a potentially racist gesture during his impromptu performance with Will Smith at a Nobel Peace Prize party.  The big question here: what the hell is Toby Keith doing at a Nobel Peace Prize party?

Link: Keith Offends (TMZ)

Mole, Celebrity – A popular cultural signpost is gone, folks, making its owner find something else to draw in viewers.  Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker has had her “signature” mole removed.  What, you thought I was talking about this?

Link: Celebrity Mole Gone (Huffington Post)

Nordegren, Elin – Tiger Woods’ wife has reportedly picked up an endorsement from Puma athletic and footwear, a rival of Tiger sponsor Nike.  Spokespeople say there was nothing intentional about her choosing to represent a competing company.  However, Nordegren’s supposed impending deals with Mossberg Shotguns, Stihl Chainsaws, and the sulfuric acid industry should give Tiger pause.

Link: Nordegren’s Endorsements (TMZ)

Quaids, The – Randy and Evi Quaid are now fugitives.  After missing four voluntary appearances, the couple failed to appear again on Tuesday after they had posted bail.  Law enforcement officials are searching for them at surprisingly low-security gatherings where odd-looking couples could blend in, like a White House State dinner.

Link: Quaids On The Run (CNN)

Spelling, Tori – The actress had a difficult day recently when she burnt her hand and had a bird poop on her head.  In its defense, the bird said it was simply expressing its opinion of the 90210 update.

Link: Spelling’s Bad Hair Day (People)

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  1. Jay St. Orts permalink
    December 17, 2009 11:56 am

    “Tiger pause.” Delicious.

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