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The Entertation Index: December 21

December 21, 2009

Avatar — James Cameron’s seeming megahit-to-be grossed roughly $3.5 million in midnight runs this weekend. This comes as a massive relief to webmasters everywhere, who freaked out thinking that the silence of this past Thursday night from midnight to 3:00 a.m. meant the entire internet was broken.

Link: Avatar Grosses $3.5 Million in Midnight Runs (Variety)

Lips, FlamingRolling Stone is reporting that the Flaming Lips will release a version of Pink Floyd’s immortal¬†Dark Side of the Moon, with Henry Rollins in speaking roles, digitally tomorrow in an iTunes exclusive. I’m sorry if I just destroyed the “awesomeness lobe” of your brain this close to Christmas.

Link: The Flaming Lips “Dark Side of the Moon” Out Digitally December 22 (Rolling Stone)

Murphy, Brittany — Actress Brittany Murphy, best known for her roles in Clueless and Don’t Say a Word as well as her recurring voice role on King of the Hill, died on Sunday at age 32. Though rumor sites have blamed “cardiac arrest” and mentioned “prescription drugs,” it should be noted that no official word has been released on the cause of death. Our thoughts go out to Murphy’s family.

Link: Actress Brittany Murphy Dead at 32 (CNN)

Parker, Sarah Jessica — Parker, who stars with Hugh Grant in this weekend’s opening comedy Did You Hear About the Morgans? tells Us magazine that while on set, she was kicked by a cow. “Now you know how we feel,” said thousands who saw Did You Hear About the Morgans? this weekend.

Link: Sarah Jessica Parker “Kicked By Cow” on Film Set (BBC)

Reviews, Movie — Metacritic has created a list of the best reviewed movies of the decade, as well as the worst reviewed. Maybe this will finally shut you up about Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2. Because I’m so sick of you talking about it all the goddamn time.

Link: The Best Movies of the Decade (Metacritic)

Wayans Brothers — You guys aren’t going to believe this. Seriously. The Wayans brothers, who have brought us amazingly innovative, high-concept comedies like White Chicks and Little Man in the past few years, all the while stimulating our minds as well as our funny bones, are being sued by a former assistant for stealing the idea for their recent 101 Ways to Know You’re a Golddigger from his book You Know You’re a Golddigger. Until this situation is resolved, we are all just going to have to find something else to buy at Spencer’s Gifts.

Link: Wayans Brothers Sued for Stealing Book Idea (Huffington Post)

Wayne, Lil — The rapper’s Laredo, Texas concert was postponed after two of his tour buses were pulled over by police, searched, and found in possession of marijuana on Friday. This came after a police officer finally had the brains to put two and two together and say to himself “Heeyyyy, wait a minute. You know, I’ll bet there’s probably some pot on Lil Wayne’s tour bus.”

Link: Lil Wayne Tour Buses Busted With Pot (Huffington Post)

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