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The Entertation Index: December 22

December 22, 2009

Ferrell, Will – The comedian made a cameo in the New York Times’ wedding announcements for a production assistant on upcoming Ferrell film The Other Guys.  Pauly Shore supposedly tried to butt in and demand as payment a wedding buffet ticket and access to the open bar, but was rebuffed.

Link: Ferrell Cameo (FilmDrunk)

Moore, Demi – The Ghost star’s lawyer threatened to sue photographer Anthony Citrano for claiming that Moore’s W cover was poorly retouched, but it has since been revealed that much of the photo may belong to another person entirely: 26-year-old model Anja Rubik.  Responding to these allegations, Moore may have scoffed, “Twenty-six?  She’s young enough to be my husband’s second wife!”

Link: Moore Threatens Suit (Celebitchy)

Orange County, Real Housewives – The families on the reality TV show are going through some tough times.  The Rolex, yacht, and Harley that were purchased or considered a couple seasons ago are now garage sales and “down-scale” shopping.  With the ladies spending less, worries are that the collagen and silicon industries will crash, along with the markets for disdain and vapidity.

Link: Real Housewives Encounter Reality (Huffington Post)

Pratt, Stephanie – Sister of uber-douche Spencer Pratt has posed in some provocative shots for Maxim magazine, and may finally be known for something other than her DUI.  Now people will recognize her as…a frequently topless, cigarette smoking sister of uber-douche Spencer Pratt.

Link: MAXIMum Pratt (Celebuzz)

Swift, Taylor – The pop-country star narrowly lost out to Lady Gaga for MTV News’ Woman of the Year, but took home the AP Entertainer of the Year award.  This caps off a year when Swift won everything, including maybe an Oscar, the Olympics (all of them, even in an off-year), all lotteries everywhere for a month, and was just named Boss Of The World.

Link: Taylor Tops (MTV)

Tequila, Tila – The self-aggrandizing pseudo-celebrity has announced she is pregnant, serving as the surrogate mother for her brother’s baby.  The child will not take her surname due to possible confusion, since being carried in Tila’s womb will guarantee that it’s blood is mostly vodka.

Link: Tila Pregnant (NY Daily News)

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