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The Entertation Index: December 24

December 24, 2009

Anderson, Pam – The former Baywatch babe is playing a genie in Aladdin at the New Wimbledon Theatre.  I don’t remember the original Aladdin having a drunken 42-year-old genie with more implants than wishes, but times have changed.

Link: Anderson in Aladdin (The Sun)

Federline, Kevin – Britney’s ex has landed a cameo as a Canadian border guard in the straight-to-video American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love.  If you want to see a D-list celebrity in another pointless addition to a moribund film franchise that has essentially become Girls Gone Wild with a thin plot, this is the movie for you!

Link: Federline Cameo (OK Magazine)

Lambert, Adam – On The Jay Leno Show, Lambert admits he deviated from the script during his controversial showing at ABC’s American Music Awards.  “I did surprise them with some things I didn’t do in rehearsal,” Lambert said.  Thank you for clearing that up, since we assumed the rehearsal notes read, “During live performance on network TV, remember to grab crotch, tongue band member, simulate oral sex, and give middle finger.

Link: Lambert Confesses (Huffington Post)

Orange County, Real Housewife Of – Real Housewife Lynne Curtin and her husband Frank have had bench warrants issued for their arrest after “blowing off a judge” (as TMZ put it) when they were no-shows for an informational hearing.  Some people are going to be disappointed when they come across this article after googling “housewife,” “blowing,” and “judge.”

Link: Curtains for Curtin? (TMZ)

Rihanna – The singer’s new video “Hard” (slightly NSFW?) has her rolling in mud, wearing crazy outfits, and firing an automatic weapon.  Her progression from Music of the Sun to A Girl Like Me to Good Girl Gone Bad to Rated R makes one wonder what’s next: Good Girl Gone Gaga?

Link: Rihanna Rated R (Rolling Stone)

Trek, Star – Trekkie Ted Moustakis sued Christie’s auction house for $7 million for selling him supposedly “one of a kind” poker items used, and a uniform worn, by Next Generation character Data himself.  The items turned out not to be legit, because, first of all, Data isn’t a real person.  Oh, Ted.  You’ve got a ways to go, buddy.

Link: Star Trek Fraud (NY Post)

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