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The Entertation Index: December 28

December 28, 2009

Depardeiu, Gerard — The French actor has admitted to police that he caused damage to an automobile parked outside his Parisian home during a drunken evening. There was very little question as to the actor’s culpability after several calls were made to a french emergency switchboard by callers elaborately describing “a hunchback fighting with a Le Car.”

Link: Depardieu Admits Drunkenly Smashing Up Car (Contactmusic)

Hangover, Sequel to The — Todd Phillips, the director of the massively successful summer comedy The Hangover, tells the website Hollyscoop that he has the scandalous golfer in his sights, telling reporters “we are trying to get Tiger Woods for the second one.” The sequel’s premise, in a variation on the original, features a man who wakes up with fifteen women and has to figure out what happened to his marriage and career.

Link: The Hangover Director Wants Tiger Woods for Sequel (Hollyscoop)

Hudgens, Vanessa — The High School Musical actress has had little success in persuading several websites to remove the second batch of nude photographs, which came to light this past August. If you’re counting, her first set of photos came to light in 2007 and the second set was discovered in 2009 — the latter being what Hudgens calls “self portrait photographs.” The third group of photos, which Hudgens will call “bathing evaluations” is set to appear in late 2010, and a fourth she will refer to as “quantitative genital surveys” is expected to reach the internet in 2011.

Link: Vanessa Hudgens Can’t Make Latest Batch of Nudes Disappear (PopEater)

Parker, Sarah Jessica — The Did You Hear About the Morgans? star claims that this is the third time she’s come close to starring in a movie with Hugh Grant, after she says she auditioned for both Four Weddings and a Funeral and Nine Months. Obviously, the duo’s Did You Hear About the Morgans?, out in theaters now, was just awful enough to be perfect for her.

Link: Third Time’s the Charm for Sarah Jessica Parker in Her Pursuit of Hugh Grant (Fox)

Robbins, Tim — One of Hollywood’s most famous power couples has split, as Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon announced their separation earlier this month. Robbins will retain anti-globalization, the Iraq war and Nicaragua’s freedom while Sarandon will keep UNICEF, the United for Peace and Justice Coalition and Scottish Racism.

Link: Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins Call it Quites After 23 Years (LA Times)

Sarandon, Susan — see: Robbins, Tim

Sheen, Charlie — The actor, who has kept his nose fairly clean over the past few years, broke his streak this Christmas by being arrested in Aspen, Colorado for “menacing and second degree assault.” The menacing came about when Sheen threatened to make someone watch his Two and a Half Men DVD; the second degree assautlt came when he hit the victim with it.

Link: Charlie Sheen Arrested in Domestic Dispute, Police Say (CNN)

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