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The Entertation Index: December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009

Coffee – Science just proved that coffee is good for you, bad for you, and neutral.  Sweet!  Drink coffee to get amped, then drink alcohol when you get the shakes.  Happy New Year!

Link: Coffee Confused (Gawker)

Gayheart, Rebecca – The former Noxzema girl has confirmed that she is pregnant.  However, given the recently publicized sort-of sex tape involving her, husband star Eric Dane, and friend Kari Ann Peniche, you’d think People magazine would have picked a better headline than “Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane Expecting A Girl,” and would not have written that the couple “will be thinking pink” later this fall.

Link: Gayheart, Dane Expecting (People)

Kutcher, Ashton – We learned Tuesday that a monkey peed on Kim Kardashian.  This in itself was huge news.  However, it turns out that earlier, that same monkey pooped on MILF-hunter Kutcher.  This monkey is now the coolest animal ever.

Link: Kutcher Kaka (Hip Hop RX)

Lohan, Lindsay – The Labor Pains star is expanding her signature 6126 clothing line beyond leggings and into shoes, jewelry, and handbags.  The pieces have not yet been revealed, but they are expected to be casual and formal, so that they can go both ways.

Link:  Lohan’s Line (AHN)

Swift & Lautner, Taylors –Although they may never have been officially a couple, the Two Taylors are now officially not.  Tweens and pervs everywhere may all breathe completely inappropriate sighs of relief.

Link: Taylors Split (MSNBC)

Woods, Tiger – The scandal-ridden golf great turns 34 today.  As such, 34 spankings will be doled out, one for each of Tiger’s alleged mistresses.

Link: Woods Birthday (Huffington Post)

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