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In 2010, I Resolve to Watch Lost All the Way Through to the Finale, Even If I Nearly Die From Boredom

January 2, 2010

I’m not sure of the exact moment when I stopped enjoying Lost and it started to feel like eating brussel sprouts or doing my math homework, but it was definitely somewhere during Season 5. Probably after one too many instance of some central mystery of the show being glibly explained away through time travel. TIME TRAVEL, for God’s sake, which at times made Lost feel more like “Jack & Kate’s Excellent Adventure” and less like the really excellent character-driven drama it began as in 2004.

The sixth and final season is set to begin on February 2, 2010, and I am slowly, wearily, getting excited about it. I think I’m mostly excited for the 1-2 hour summary of what we’re supposed to remember from the previous seasons, a synopsis that I hope they’ll do again and air before the premiere episode. I completely lost interest in Season 5 and still haven’t even seen some of the episodes, so I’m excited to have the writers tell me what’s important from their time-travel misadventures into the 1970s. Then we can all move on to the good stuff.

Or so I hope, anyway. I hope the show won’t lose sight of what made it interesting in the first place—the character studies. I hope they don’t spend so much time “explaining” things like the “smoke monster” that they lose sight of the need to tell us more about who the main characters have become and where they are headed after their island experiences. At its best, Lost really did make me care about some of those characters. For me, that was largely in spite of the supernatural elements, which at times felt like silly diversions. So I’m a little anxious to see what Season 6’s priorities are going to be.

But I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now, and I will finish the damn show. Even if it makes me wish some smoke monster would come through the TV screen and relieve my boredom by, you know, obliterating my consciousness and eating my soul.

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