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The Entertation Index: January 4

January 4, 2010

Beatty, Warren — In a new biography authorized by the actor, it is revealed that cinema hearththrob Warren Beatty’s conquests estimate to “12,775 women, give or take.” For the 72 year-old Beatty with failing eyesight, this number may or may not also take into account that especially curvy statue at the train station,  larger-sized floor lamps, a particularly alluring suede couch in his foyer or that economy-sized jar of raspberry preserves in his pantry.

Link: Sexy Tell-All Jumps Into Beatty’s Bed (NY Post)

Cage, Nicolas — We often report on actor Nicolas Cage’s shortcomings here in the index, but today we want to build him up. Specifically, we’d like to introduce you to a website which portends that the actor can portray anyone — and in fact, illustrates the point via photoshop to fantastic effect. Behold.

Link: Nic Cage as Everyone (NicCageAsEveryone)

Gosselin, Jon — Add Damon Feldman to the ever-growing list of people involved with Jon Gosselin who are milking the association for every penny possible. Oh, you don’t know Damon Feldman? He’s — get this — a friend of Gosselin’s party girl ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman, and he’s challenging Gosselin to a boxing match. Keep those you love close, friends; this will eventually reach the point where, statistically, someone each of us knows will be involved in this story.

Link: Jon Gosselin Challenged to $120,000 Boxing Match by Hailey’s Pal (Radar)

Griffin, Kathy — Remember when comedienne Kathy Griffin worked blue on CNN’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast last year? She did it again just before the 2010 celebration this past NYE, muttering what sounded like the f-word under her breath in context of “balloon boy” Falcone Heene.  Fortunately, no one noticed but the handful of huge dorks who prefer to celebrate their New Year’s eve with CNN.

Link: Kathy Griffin Makes Another Vulgar Quip on CNN (Yahoo)

Hoffman, Dustin — A Milan newspaper has roasted actor Dustin Hoffman, claiming the actor “butchered” the words of 19th-century Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi in a recent television commercial, claiming an “astronomical distance” between Hoffman’s pronunciation and the native Italian ear. This, of course, is not the first time an American entertainer has made the snafu of tackling high culture, as you may recall from last year’s “Camryn Manheim dances Stravinski’s Pétrouchka” or 2003’s “Jerry O’Connell stars in Pagliacci.”

Link: No Amore for Dustin Hoffman’s Italian Commercial (NY Times)

Snooki — Smash hit Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has lashed out at restaurant chain Domino’s after the pizza makers yanked their advertising from the increasingly controversial reality program. This came as a surprise to everyone, as Snooki and Domino’s actually have a lot in common: they’re both often described as “terrible Italian with little to no taste.”

Link: Snooki Vs. Domino’s: The Pizza Giant Fires Back (E! Online)

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