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The Entertation Index: January 11

January 11, 2010

Avatar — Over the weekend woman was actually shot during a screening of James Cameron’s Avatar in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This can only mean one thing: that James Cameron truly has made 3-D technology “as real as it gets.” I believe the hype now.

Link: Woman Shot During Avatar Screening in New Mexico (slashfilm)

Live, Saturday Night — Sometimes an odd sketch combines perfectly with a deadpan, less-than-stellar host to create a perfect storm, and that’s exactly — in my opinion — what happened on this past weekend’s Charles Barkley-hosted Saturday Night Live. Case in point: this sketch about a movie quotes game show sure did tickle me. Maybe it’s awful, I dont’ know. All I know is that it worked. For me, at least.

Link: SNL: Reel Quotes (NBC)

Mannequin, Remake of — Believe it or not, the same production company who once produced Weekend at Bernie’s has plans to remake the 1987 masterpiece Mannequin. Upon hearing the news, Meshach Taylor is reported to have pulled his head out of his oven and turned the gas off.

Link: Mannequin Redressed! (Moviehole)

Netflix — Here’s a bizarre but interesting time-killer: The New York Times has put together a scroll-over-able set of maps of major cities and the most rented films on Netflix in each of the cities’ regions. Take a look for yourself and see which movies were number one in which neighborhoods. It’s helpful; for example, you probably don’t want to invest money in a bank or send your children to school in a Paul Blart: Mall Cop neighborhood.

Link: A Peek Into Netflix Queues (NY Times)

Reeves, Keanu — The Matrix star had a case thrown out of a Canadian court last week the judge refused to believe the plaintiff’s claims that Keanu Reeves’ actual name is Marty Spencer and he used hypnosis to tamper with paternity suit results and have them reveal that he is not the father of her children. I don’t want to freak you out first thing on a Monday morning folks, but let me just plant this thought in your head: given these chilling accusations, how do any of us know that Marty Spencer isn’t the real father of our children?

Link: Keanu Counters Crazy Claims: Hypnosis, Disguises and Pseudonyms, Oh My (E! Online)

Spiderman, Musical Version of — Actor Alan Cumming  tells press that the U2/Broadway collaboration for a Spider-Man musical has been delayed due to financial problems last year. The public responded to the news by saying “That’s okay. We hadn’t ever really asked for a Spide-Man musical anyway.”

Link: Cumming Says “Spider-Man” Musical Will Be Delayed (ArtsBeat)

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