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The Entertation Index: January 14

January 14, 2010

Hefner, Hugh – The Playboy patriarch has split with the Shannon twins, two of his three girlfriends.  That means the aggregate age of his co-habitors has dropped from 63 (20, 20, 23), still young enough to be Hef’s daughter, to just 23, young enough to be his great-granddaughter.

Link: Hef’s Split (Hot Momma Gossip)

Montag, HeidiThe Hills co-star reveals in People that she is so addicted to plastic surgery that she once had 10 procedures in one day.  The actress says this is all part of becoming “the best me.”  To achieve that goal, she will soon undergo a complete personality transplant.

Link: Plastic Heidi (People)

Photobombs, Animal – Your cute-fix for the day.  Yeah, some are photoshopped and some involve animals getting’ it on, but most are pretty funny.

Link: Animal Photobombs (Huffington Post)

Ritchie, Guy – Madonna’s ex-husband is opening a brewery.  He has reportedly already trademarked name for a few of the beers: Punch Bowl Beers, Punch Bowl Ales, and Ashcombe Ales, to name a few.  I urge Ritchie to consider making whiskey as well, using water from Loch Stock and aging it in Two Smoky Barrels.  Sorry.

Link: Ritchie’s Brewery (Sky)

Tatum, Channing – While shooting The Eagle of the Ninth, the actor suffered a burnt penis when a crew member, to keep him warm, accidentally poured scalding water undiluted with cooler river water in Tatum’s wetsuit.  He described it as the “most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life.”  He has obviously not seen his own movie G.I. Joe.

Link: Channing Burns (

Woods, Tiger – GM has dropped Tiger Woods, meaning the golfer now has no free ride.  A gossip mag will undoubtedly misread this and report it as “new mistress with initials GM drops Tiger’s wood.”

Link: Tiger Loses Another (Radar Online)

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