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The Entertation Index: January 15

January 15, 2010

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off — Matthew Broderick has given his blessings to studio executives wishing to create a remake of John Hughes’ teen rebellion comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This go-round seems less exciting, however, with the precocious tite teen skipping school to buy some ironic concert t-shirts from Hot Topic and spend six hours answering friend requests and catching up on Mafia Wars.

Link: Broderick Approves “Bueller” Remake (MSN)

Haiti — While this spot is daily reserved for tabloid silliness, sometimes a very serious reality seeps in; such is the case right now in Haiti, where families have been torn apart, children have been left parentless, and efforts continue to make sure as many people are found and saved as possible. Forget Spencer Pratt and Megan Fox, because in the long run they mean nothing. This does, so please give what you can — anything you can — to help people who need you right now.

Link: American Red Cross Website

Love, Courtney — As we reported here a few weeks ago, Courtney Love recently lost custody of daughter Frances Bean Cobain after a 911 call from Frances tipped authorities off to a possible drug overdose by Love. There are two ways to handle this. One is “Dear Judge So-and-So, it is humble and contrite that I return to you today, with my potential drug problem currently managed, and ask for a reconsideration in my recent child custody conflict.” Here’s another: “This s–t with the bean needs to be exposed for what it is right f–king NOW enough..they sqUEESED MY BANK ACCOUNTS so that they were frozen because they know im going to sue the holy s–t out of them.” I’ll give you three guesses as to which avenue Love chose, because she’s a very thoughtful and loving young woman.

Link: Courtney Love Calls Custody Situation “Insane,” Tweets Plan to Sue Kurt’s Mom (E! Online)

Sheen, Charlie — Attorneys for Charlie Sheen have requested that a Colorado judge not allow cameras in a hearing wherein Sheen will be brought up on charges of threatening his wife with a knife, stating — oddly enough — that Sheen and his wife are “still very much in love.” I guess that means that if you want to see Charlie Sheen pretend to be someone different in front of cameras, you’re just going to have to watch Two and a Half Men or Platoon.

Link: Charlie Sheen Seeks to Bar TV Cameras From Courtroom (BBC)

Video Games, Atari — Ever wondered what your favorite movies would be if they were adapted into Atari 2600 video games? An Australian artists did that for you, and took it a step further: he actually designed the games’ covers. Enjoy.

Link: New Movies as Old Video Games (Kotaku)

Webb, Marc — As we reported Wednesday, Sony has booted Sam Raimi from the captain’s seat of Spider-Man 4 and are currently looking for new directors for the franchise. Said to be among their wish list are James Cameron, David Fincher, Wes Anderson and…(500) Days of Summer’s Marc Webb. Guess which one of the above four took the call? Yes, it was Webb — because  it’s a great idea to put your 3-D summer tentpole blockbuster in the hands of a guy who has only directed five things in his life, and three of them were a short film, the documentary special Jesse McCartney: Up Close and a video for 3 Doors Down. Fandango, can I pre-order my tickets now?

Link: Indie Director Darling to Helm Gritty Spider-Man Reboot? (io9)

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  1. January 15, 2010 12:19 pm

    Personally, I think if they’re going to look into a remake of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, they need to get the consent of every adult in their thirties for whom the original was a cultural landmark.

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