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The Entertation Index: January 19

January 19, 2010

Globes, Golden – If you want to visit a pop culture or media site (this one excluded) without reading about who wore what dress at the Golden Globe Awards, you’re out of luck because there has been no other entertainment news reported.  Swallow hard and talk to your coworker about how Mariah Carey could even fit into that thang!

Link: Gussied Up At Globes (Frigging Everywhere) The Internet

Kardashian, Kim – Special K was hosting a party for luxury magazine Ocean Drive’s 17th anniversary when she was asked to blow out candles on a cake.  Things got awkward when she realized that the baked good was actually a bunch of cupcakes, which she couldn’t acknowledge because she already has an endorsement deal with another cupcake company.  You can imagine how….wait, what?  A person can get a deal endorsing frigging cupcakes?

Link: Kardashian’s Cupcakes (Miami New Times)

Lopez, JenniferThe Maid In Manhattan actress may make a guest appearance on hit show Glee.  We understand she was originally slated to appear on Ugly Betty until she asked, “C’mon, isn’t there a show more over-the-top than that?”

Link: Lopez on Glee? (NJ)

Montag, HeidiThe Hills co-star Lauren Bosworth recently commented that Montag’s new People magazine interview extolling the virtues of her many plastic surgeries sends the wrong message to young girls.  Apparently Montag’s earlier message of “be a substanceless, vapid, spoiled, arrogant, thoughtless brat” wasn’t wrong enough.

Link: Montag’s Message (Reality TV World)

Munn, Olivia, and Pine, ChrisAttack of The Show’s Olivia Munn and Star Trek’s Chris Pine, only recently a couple, have reportedly ended their relationship.  Geeks, you may smile your evil smiles, cackle your evil cackles, and continue not having a chance with either of them.

Link: Munn, Pine Split (People)

Sarandon, Susan – The Thelma and Louise actress has been caught up in a legal battle between “friend” Jonathan Bricklin, Bill Mack, and Iwona Herdzik.  Mack and Herdzik, who invested $1.5 million in ping pong club SPiN, claim that co-founder Bricklin and others have mismanaged…..wait, what?  They invested a million and a half in a frigging ping pong club and didn’t expect to get fleeced?

Link: Sarandon’s Ping Pong Man (NY Post)

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