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The Entertation Index: January 21

January 21, 2010

90210 – The reboot/remake/re-something of the 1990s show is reporting that actor Rob Estes, who plays character Harry Wilson, is leaving the show.  Upwards of 20 people will notice, the same number of people who watch the show.

Link: Estes Leaves 90210 (Digital Spy)

Banks, Elizabeth – The Zack and Miri actress ran into Chris Rock recently, who said, “Hey, Chelsea Handler!”  Banks tweeted that she has met Rock before, and is pretty sure he wasn’t kidding.  It’s OK, Chris: when it comes to perky blondes in their 30s, they all look alike to me, too.

Link: Banks = Handler? (Gossip Rocks)

Davis, Jason – Scion of late billionaire Marvin Davis, Jason “Gummy Bear” Davis is furious at his recent substance-abuse intervention.  As the NY Post puts it, “Tom Arnold allegedly led the posse, carrying a baseball bat and helping throw a pajama-clad Jason into a laundry hamper in which they conveyed him to Cedars-Sinai.”  This type of “intervention” might also be called “hazing,” “kidnapping,” “a bachelor party,” or “collateral for a $50,000 gambling debt.”

Link: Davis Delivered (NY Post)

Montag, Heidi – The reality TV star gives more detail about her plastic surgery, including procedures that left her virtually unable to move her face, except for a very small smile.  Her speech has been affected, but she is able to move her eyelids.  She now becomes the first person to blink entirely monosyllabically in Morse Code.

Link: Montag’s New Face (Huffington Post)

Survivor – The popular CBS reality show competition looks like a cinch to get extended into its 21st season.  C’mon, how many more places are difficult to survive in with a production crew the size of an NFL team?  Try Survivor: Detroit.

Link: Survivor’s 21st (EW)

Winehouse, Amy – The petite singer pleaded guilty to assaulting a theater manager during a Christmas show after she had downed five vodka-and-colas—before the show even began.  Her sentencing judge said alcohol obviously played a part in the incident, and that medical records show she has tried to curb her drinking since.  Indeed she has, promising not to drink more than four vodka tonics before the local Easter Passion Play.

Link: Winehouse Assaults (Yahoo)

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