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The Entertation Index: January 22

January 22, 2010

Bear, Masturbating — It is with a heavy heart that I type that rumors abound that NBC won’t let Conan take from the Tonight Show the many memorable characters from his past many years. Some of these fantastic figures include the FedEx Pope, Preparation-H Raymond and The Interrupter. But ladies and gentlemen, last night may have been the last time you ever see the greatest O’Brien cohort: The Masturbating Bear. Good night, sweet prince, and may a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Link: CoCo’s Revenge: O’Brien Reunites with the Masturbating Bear… (Gawker TV)

Garner, Jennifer — A Parade Magazine interview reveals that husband Ben Affleck wooed her via email. “He’s a very persuasive writer,” says Garner, who admitted that the one which won her heart read Jennifer, did U see Phantoms? I was n that. Alias is awsum and UR 2. Okay, they probably were more eloquent than that, but how eloquent to you need to be to steal a girl out from under Victor Garber? His emails totally suck.

Link: Jennifer Garner – The Need to Find Balance (Parade)

Idol, American — A Chicago news site caught an interesting sight in the background of one of the supposed American Idol wannabe contestant’s b-roll footage: the Amway Center in Orlando. When reached for comment, Idol spokespeople allegedly said “Really, geniuses? We’re in, like, the hundredth season and you guys haven’t figured out yet that we spend approximately two minutes on continuity in the audition phase? We don’t even use editors for that. Look harder, you’ll notice the Lincoln Memorial in Seattle, hawkeye. You really blew the lid off that one, Woodward and Bernstein.”

Link: Idol Does Chicago: Potty Mouths and Palm Trees (Chicago Breaking News)

Kutcher, AshtonEW reports that Mad Men star Jon Hamm will host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, and following him for a later episode as host will be Ashton Kutcher, current star of…taking wedding photographs on that camera commercial, I guess.

Link: Jon Hamm and Ashton Kutcher Heading Back to SNL (EW)

Quotes, Movie — Three cheers for the great minds at the website Pajiba, who clearly had to have spent a lot of time compiling this youtube collection of the one hundred cheesiest movie quotes. Not surprisingly, almost every one of Schwarzenegger’s “Mr. Freeze” lines are accounted for, but there are some great ones you wouldn’t expect here. Definitely check it out; great for a Friday morn.

Link: 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time (Pajiba via YouTube)

Reid, Tara — Actress/recent Playboy centerfold Tara Reid reportedly recently became engaged at a posh L.A. restaurant. That’s what the story says. The truth is that a first-day papparazzo mistook Tara Reid’s drunken “Marry me, Jose Cuervo!” to signify something quite different. Go on about your day.

Link: Tara Reid is Engaged (People)

Rent — The popular gen-X musical Rent has already closed on Broadway, and now will be closing its tour for good after a fourteen year –er, I’m sorry — seven million, three-hundred sixty-three thousand, two-hundred eighty two minute run.

Link: Rent Tour to Close (NY Times)

Soma FM — If you’re like me, you have a big heart for great songs redone by interesting bands. So make an extra-special “all-cover” Friday, plug your headphones in and listen to San Francisco’s exquisite Soma FM and its specialty radio station dedicated to all covers, all the time. And have a great weekend, party people.

Link: Soma FM (clicking link launches the site and station)

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