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The Entertation Index: February 1

February 1, 2010

Denim The Wall Street Journal delves into the rejuvenated look of denim as major factors in current collections from Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic. Talk about the right look for the wrong time: the 1989 metal shop class at my high school would have looked like the Golden Globes red carpet.

Link: Denim Revival: Taking a Classic Look Too Far (WSJ)

Feldman, Corey — The former child star, currently in production on a third Lost Boys film (direct to DVD), tells OK! Magazine that the film will make many references to the Twilight series, adding that “At the end of the day, you’ve got to come up with new concepts.” And the best way to prove this, of course, is to make another sequel to a movie from a 1987 movie and reference gratuitously one of the most popular book and movie series in the world. Looks like you’ve got this thing down pat, Feldman. You’re gonna be okay.

Link: “Lost Boys” Refers to “Twilight” (Digitalspy)

Gaga, Lady — Perennial Index favorite opened the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards last night, where she introduced to the stage Sir Elton John, who accompanied her on a number. You know, it’s very impressive that, in the wake of so many rumors about Gaga’s hermaphroditism, Lady Gaga’s not afraid to show her pianist on live television.

Link: Lady Gaga & Elton John’s Incredible Grammys Duet (Huffington Post)

Kimmel, Jimmy — Thursday saw Jay Leno, in his Oprah interview, accusing fellow late-nighter Jimmy Kimmel of “sucker-punching” him when Kimmel was invited onto Leno’s show and subsequently made several jokes about the Conan/Jay dustup. Kimmel set the record straight during his Thursday night monologue, showing that one good turn deserves another. Enjoy.

Link: Kimmel on “Sucker-Punching” Leno (EW)

Mills, Heather — The former Mrs. Paul McCartney is accused of neglecting her charity in favor of spending the massive settlement awarded her by the couple’s 2008 divorce. In fact, the Daily Mail reports that not only did Mills’ charity fold last year, but inside sources say that Mills’ spending habits are rapidly depleting funds granted her by the split. Mills refutes the allegations but, between you and I, I hear she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Link: Why Heather Mills is Skating on Thin Ice (Daily Mail)

Swift, Taylor — Last night’s Grammy awards saw the 20 year-old singer taking home three trophies last night, for Best Country Song, Best Female Country Vocal and the illustrious Album of the Year. Good for her. Now maybe she’ll get that boy she wants so damn badly and shut up about it already.

Link: Taylor Swift Wins Grammy For Album of the Year (Reuters)

Twilight — The ever-growing business conglomerate behind Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight series is about to get another boost as a new Twilight graphic novel is poised to be released. And here you always thought comic books were dorky. Are they still as dorky now that your beloved tale of forbidden gothic vampire lust has been turned into a — wait, I guess that just makes them twice as dorky.

Link: Twilight Graphic Novel Released (BBC)

Winehouse, Amy — Contactmmusic is reporting that Amy Winehouse confided in a close friend that though she still loves ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, she is bisexual and has enjoyed dalliances with women as well. And so it now would seem that being revolted by the idea of making out with Amy Winehouse is no longer just for guys.

Link: Amy Winehouse’s Bisexual Confession (Contactmusic)

World, We Are the — To celebrate the famed charity tune’s 25th anniversary, Quincy Jones plans to re-record “We Are the World” in Los Angeles today with “three times as many celebrities” as were included in 1985. Considering that his massive number of 1985 celebrities was rounded out by extras like Dan Aykroyd, two of the Pointer Sisters and several of Huey Lewis’ News, and given that there are easily three times more flash-in-the pan celebrities today who will likely gladly jump on board this project to secure another free minute added to their expired fifteen, expect to see a real who’s who when footage releases. Please, Quincy, give The Situation a solo. Or at least hand Bruce Jenner a tambourine.

Link: Jones: “World” Remake Will include “Three Times” as Many Stars (USA Today)

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