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The Entertation Index: February 2

February 2, 2010

Bel-Air, Fresh Prince Of – Someone has been prank-calling and -emailing religious TV shows, recounting the journey of love and redemption by relating the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  Be sure to check out the videos in the comments section, including Rick-Rolling testimonials.  (Thanks to a TBTS reader for the heads-up.)

Link: The Prince of Freshness (Gawker)

Herman, Pee Wee – The owner of the famous Playhouse fools around with Apple’s new iPad in a Funny Or Die video.  C’mon, Magic Screen , you knew this was coming.  Nothing personal, just business.

Link: Pee Wee Has iPad (TV Squad)

Lohan, Lindsay – The fading starlet, only 23, accepted $150,000 to attend the Vienna Opera Ball with 77-year-old Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner.  You knew this is how it would end, Linds: being paid to act like you love old men’s Balls.

Link: Lohan on Loan (NY Post)

Outfitters, Urban – The clothing and accessories (among other things) store recently advertised a shirt as coming in colors White/Charcoal and Obama/Black.  Really.  Apparently they yanked that item, and also the ones that came in Limbaugh/Pasty because the shirts were loud, completely ridiculous, and rubbed most people raw.

Link: Obama Now a Color (Jezebel)

Shore, Jersey – The cast of MTV’s reality TV hit banded together and insisted that for the second season they all get paid the same amount per episode, rumored to be $10,000.  That sense of loyalty and fairness is actually pretty touching.  And $10,000 for each showing will keep them all in tanning salons and free weights for years to come.  Um, cool?

Link: Jersey Shore renewed (TMZ)

Torn, Rip – The 77-year-old Larry Sanders Show actor was found this weekend passed out on the floor of a bank he had broken into.  He apparently thought the bank was his house and when he couldn’t find his keys, broke in through the window and conked out on the floor.  The bank president thinks there was no nefarious intent, but the police think it was a serious incident, especially since Torn was carrying a loaded weapon at the time he was found.  The notoriously hard-drinking Torn also has a name for such “incidents”: Saturday morning.

Link: Torn Torn (Independent)

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