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The Entertation Index: February 3

February 3, 2010

Hobbes, Calvin and — Attention Spaceman Spiff fans: On Monday, The Cleveland Plain Dealer ran an interview with Bill Watterson — the creator of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes — in what is believed to be his first public interview since 1989. That’s over twenty years of staying out of the spotlight — and no one asked him to disappear. Why won’t you listen, Kardashians?

Link: Bill Watterson, Creator of Beloved “Calvin and Hobbes” Comic Strip, Looks Back With No Regrets (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Lauren, Ralph — The upscale designer, charged with designing the official gear for Team USA during the upcoming Vancouver Winter Olympics, revealed his designs this morning on NBC’s Today Show. I’m no fashion maven, but isn’t wet corduroy going to really chafe when worn on a snowboard halfpipe? At least our country’s fashion will confirm what the rest of the world already knows about our nation: that we’re still a bunch of pretentious, self-entitled douchebags.

Link: Ralph Lauren Tailors Team USA for Vancouver (USA Today)

Murdoch, Rupert — The L.A. Times reports that Fox head honcho Rupert Murdoch is willing to entertain the idea of bringing Conan O’Brien to the network, but only if programmers can show him they’re “fairly confident of making a profit.” Murdoch assumedly did not have these same doubts when he greenlit Herman’s Head, Wanda at Large, Grounded for Life, Quintuplets, The War at Home, The George Carlin Show, Happy Hour, The Pitts, Method & Red, Oliver Beane, Party Girl, Titus, The Loop, Kitchen Confidential, Women in Prison, Brothers, Haywire, That 80’s Show, Stacked, Life on a Stick, Cracking Up, Luis, The Crew, Normal Ohio,  and ‘Til Death — so I’d say those programmers are pretty smooth talkers.

Link: Rupert Murdoch Needs to Be Convinced Conan O’Brien Can Make Money for Fox (LA Times)

Polizzi, Nicole “Snooki” — According to Radar Online, some self-snapped  and reportedly “graphic” nude photographs of the portly Jersey Shore vixen are being shopped around to various outlets. Experts looking into the matter, however, report that the photos are a scam — they’re actually pictures of a stack of leather duffelbags snapped at the Newark Airport baggage claim. Buyer beware!

Link: Snooki Nude Photos for Sale (Radar)

Simpson, Jessica — During a visit to her sick grandmother in the hospital, Jessica Simpson took some time out of finding someone super-famous to latch onto and decided to slum it, tweeting that she was looking for “cute doctors” in her Nana’s medical unit. One of her tweets from the quest included the sagelike advice that “You can fake an orgasim, but you can’t fake laughter.” The misspelling was forgiveable, as Simpson has never known a lot about mythology.

Link: Jessica Simpson Checks for “Cute Doctors” (CNN

X Initiative — The popular nonprofit art collective in New York’s Chelsea district ends its tenure this coming Friday, but not before going out in the same avant-garde fashion for which its become notable over the past year. Its final show, entitled “BYOA,” will offer anyone who wants to bring art to the building a space in which to display it for 24 hours. So if you’re not doing anything tonight, why mangle up a tin can, defecate on a corporate logo or spill some spaghetti sauce on a piece of paper and get down there to art it up.

Link: X Initiative Goes Out With a B.Y.O.A. (Art, That Is) (New York Times)

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