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The Entertation Index: February 4

February 4, 2010

AC/DC — The hard-rocking Brit band’s frontman Brian Johnson took on the visible charity efforts of Bob Geldof and Bono in an Australian newspaper, saying “Do a charity gig, fair enough, but not on worldwide television. Johnson then added that if Bono needs some help not being on worldwide television these days, AC/DC would be happy to give him some tips.

Link: AC/DC’s Brian Johnson: Bono Should Do Charity Work in Private (Melbourne Herald-Sun)

Go, OK — Quirky pop band OK Go, who you may remember best from their infamous treadmil” video for the song “Here It Goes Again,” are currently doing battle with their label EMI over EMI’s lack of revenue from the band’s viral videos, which spread like wildfire. The band’s response? If we can’t use YouTube or Google, we’ll just find another place to link our new video. So here it is, and it’s great fun. Viva le resistance!

Link: OK Go Struggle with Labels Rules Banning Embedded Video (Rolling Stone)

MacGruber –– Will Forte’s upcoming MacGruber movie, based on his Saturday Night Live character of the same name, is reportedly dangerously close to being shut down after attorneys for Lee Zlotoff, creator of MacGyver, has sent a cease and desist letter to the producers. Forte has been playing MacGruber now for about four seasons, and this movie’s been publicized for nine months now, and only now Zlotoff is sending this letter? Psst, Lorne Michaels & company: go ahead and release it. Zlotoff’s living three years behind. By the time he even realizes it came out, you’ll be heading over the hill with a van full of money.

Link: Is the MacGruber Movie Blowing Up Already? (NY Times)

Movies, Crying in — We all have certain things that really touch us when we watch certain films. I, for instance, can’t watch Con Air without misting up. But you’re all left in the dust by a wife known only as “Hollie,” who cries so much at odd movies like Back to the Future III, 2012 and Star Wars that he set up an entire website devoted to filming her crying at these movies. Now you don’t have to feel so bad for bawling every time you watch Osmosis Jones, you baby.

Link: The Official Wife Crying At Movies Site (

Phillips, Mackenzie — On Tuesday night’s episode of Headline News’ The Joy Behar Show, Phillips — who had previously announced that she had a consensual sexual affair with her her father, Mamas & Papas singer John Phillips, and who defended the relationship on every talk show that would have her  — strangely changed her story to announce that the affair now was nonconsensual. “Wait,” she reportedly told Behar. “Will the nonconsensual thing get me some more talk show gigs? Is that bigger news? Consensual, nonconsensual, I could go either way; whichever will keep people interested in me again.”

Link: Philips: Incestuous Relationship With My Father NOT Consensual (Huffington Post)

Teams, Choosing People Magazine announced their new poll, in the vein of late night’s Team Leno vs. Team Conan and Twilight’s Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, asking readers to vote on whether they’re on “Team Kim” (Kardashian) or “Team Kendra” (Wilkinson). Mark me down for “Team This-‘Team’-Gimmick-is-Gonna-Get-Old-Fast.”

Link: Are you on Team Kim or Team Kendra? (People)

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