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The Entertation Index: February 8

February 8, 2010

Alba, Jessica – The Sin City star is distressed that a young Chinese woman wants to undergo plastic surgery to make herself look like the Hollywood star in order to win back her ex-boyfriend.  Upon hearing this, the expressionless window mannequin at Macy’s expressed the same disappointment with Heidi Montag.

Link: Alba Look-Alike (NY Daily News)

Bachelor, The – Executive producers for the reality TV show are constantly frustrated by leaks and spoilers, especially those publicized by blogger Steve Carbone, whose premature unveilings of eliminations, twists and turns are uncannily accurate.  Of course, on a “reality” show like The Bachelor, these are only spoilers in the way that “revealing” that Reese Witherspoon would choose her back-home, country-boy husband over her too-cultured New York paramour in Sweet Home Alabama.  Get over it, Bachelor.  You need the press.

Link: Bachelor Leaks (EW)

Bowl, Super – Kim Kardashian, Holly Madison, and Rosalyn Sanchez hosted a Super Bowl gathering in Miami Friday night called the Leather and Laces Super Bowl party.  Given the number of unnaturally tanned clubbers and gratuitous lingerie that were undoubtedly in attendance, the name was entirely appropriate.

Link: Leather, Laces Party (Huffington Post)

Snooki – The Jersey Shore co-star gave a Philly crowd the finger when some started booing her at a chicken-wing eating contest.  Look out, Tila Tequila: when it comes to shameless media-hogging, Snooki’s gonna give you a run for your money.

Link: Snooki Salute (TMZ)

Spears, Jamie Lynn – The pregnant-at-16 younger sister of pop star Britney has reportedly split with baby-daddy Casey Aldridge, whom she had dated for over three years.  First Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, now this?  If Jamie and Casey can’t make it, what hope have we?

Link: Jamie Spears Splits (Monsters And Critics)

Stern, Howard – Rumor has it that shock-jock Howard Stern is being considered as Simon Cowell’s replacement for American Idol judge.  Please please please let this happen.  I’m a fan of neither show, but putting the two together could make possibly one of TV’s greatest spectacles.

Link: Howard as Idol Judge? (dB Techno)

  1. Paul permalink*
    February 8, 2010 12:58 pm

    Howard Stern would have told Susan Boyle to show her hoo-ha.

  2. Matt Shorr permalink*
    February 9, 2010 8:19 am

    Alan: I sincerely apologize. I guess I shouldn’t tell you the end of Maid In Manhattan either.

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