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The Entertation Index: February 9

February 9, 2010

Ads, Super Bowl — After the nation’s top ad houses rolled out their new campaigns and commercials Sunday night during the Super Bowl, USA Today ranked a Snickers’ spot starting Betty White as the best of the ads. The worst? Every other single Super Bowl commercial.

Link: Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads (CBS)

Cop, Axe — Are you disappointed that there aren’t more flute cops, telescope guns and dinosaur soldiers in the low-budget comic books you’re reading? Then check out the first episode of Axe Cop, an online comic drawn by award-winning illustrator Ethan Nicolle from a story dictated — no joke — by his five year-old brother Malachi Nicolle. It’s sheer brilliance. So why aren’t you clicking the link below right now?

Link: Axe Cop

Gaga, Lady — Though she’s no stranger to the Index, this Lady Gaga item isn’t as much about the Grammy-winning diva as it is our first president and a wacky artist. Artist Craig Gleason has taken to drawing the dance club songstress’ bizarre outfits and looks over the image of George Washington on various one-dollar bills. It should also be noted that one dollar is about 92 cents more than I’d pay anyone to draw a picture of Lady Gaga on anything. But they are kinda fun.

Link: Lady Gaga Morphs with George Washington on US Dollar Bills (Gigwise)

USA online gambling, on Super Bowl — You think you lost money on the Colts Sunday? The Indianapolis Museum of Art lost its esteemed Joseph Mallord William Turner painting “The Fifth Plague of Egypt” to the New Orleans Museum of Art after a trash-talking wager that pitted Indy’s Turner against NOMA’s Claude Lorrain painting “Ideal View of Tivoli.” If Indianapolis doesn’t pony up the Turner piece soon, New Orleans will be sending some thugs to break their Gauguins.

Link: The Bet is Done (Modern Art Notes)

Ice, Vanilla — The short-lived rap superstar talks to DigitalSpy about his eight month relationship with Madonna, saying “it was cool.” You can read more in the rapper’s upcoming autobiography Things About Vanilla Ice…Hey, Where Are you Going? Come back, Do You Need Any Yardwork Done? when it hits newsstands this spring.

Link: Vanilla Ice: “Madonna Romance Was Cool” (DigitalSpy)

Kardashian, Kim — Thrilled about Sunday’s Super Bowl outcome was Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian, who dates New Orleans Saints running back phenom Reggie Bush. Many mistaken bystanders thought the celebration parade had started early when Kim came running out onto the field appearing to tow a float behind her.

Link: Kim Kardashian at the Super Bowl: Cheering Reggie Bush (Huffington Post)

MTV — As if it needed to be official, MTV has officially redesigned their logo and — finally — announced that they will no longer officially call the channel “Music Television.” If this is news to you, you need to take off your Whitesnake jean jacket. put down the Colecovision joystick and get checked out by a doctor, because you probably also haven’t heard yet that the Nutrasweet fad didn’t turn out so well. It’s 2010, Jack. the closest MTV gets to a music video these days is an iPod commercial.

Link: MTV redesigns logo, drops “Music Television” (Hollywood Reporter)

Shakespeare Company, The Royal — As part of 2011’s Lincoln Center Festival, it was announced yesterday that England’s Royal Shakespeare Company will leave their current headquarters in Stratford-upon-Avon and bring almost the entire company to New York City for a six-week, five-play residency. On one hand, this is a fantastic cultural exchange for America; on the other, I give those Old English-spouting dandies ten minutes before they’re mugged and left penniless in a filthy back alley. Those giant frilly collars are a dead giveaway that they’re from out of town.

Link: Royal Shakespeare Company Announces New York Residency (New York Times)

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