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The Entertation Index: February 10

February 10, 2010

Probst, Jeff Survivor host Jeff Probst, on the eve of the show’s 20th season starting this Thursday, has re-upped his contract for another two seasons. “I keep telling myself I’m not going to quit until someone gets eaten by a shark,” Probst allegedly said of the renewal. “If it doesn’t happen by 2011, I’m taking matters into my own hands.”

Link: Jeff Probst Renews “Survivor” Contract (CNN)

Shore, Jersey — MTV has made the official announcement that the Jersey Shore cast will be GTL’ing in an all-new location — South Beach, Florida — beginning with the second season of the program, to begin filming in May. Reps for the show’s breakout star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi says that the main reason for the move were the state wildlife laws and regulations, which dictate that manatees outside Florida waters be returned to their natural environment.

Link: Second Season of Jersey Shore to Shoot in South Beach (Movieline)

Wayne, Lil — The tattooed rap superstar’s stint at Rikers’ Island for a weapons charge has been postponed again, this time to allow Weezy to heal from dental surgery. What’s this guy been eating? Diamonds? We all know this guy hasn’t had a tooth in his mouth that wasn’t gold since 2003.

Link: Lil Wayne’s Sentencing Delayed to March 2 Due to Dental Surgery (Rolling Stone)

Wilkinson, Kendra — The former Girls Next Door star, who recently gave birth to a baby by Indianpolis Colts running back Hank Basket, tweeted how happy she was that the Saints won Sunday’s Super Bowl. “i smiled and was very happy when the Saints won cuz of Reggie bein from SD n bein a big Brees fan,” she tweeted, reportedly adding “wait…hey, my husband’s playing for that other team! That’s awesome! Can he see me waving?”

Link: Kendra Wilkinson: I’m Very Happy the Saints Won (Huffington Post)

Theory, The Big Bang — A television network in Belarus is currently airing an “original” sitcom called The Theorists, which seems to be an almost identical copy of CBS’ hit The Big Bang Theory. The major difference is that at the end of every episode of The Big Bang Theory, all the miscommunication is cleared up and there’s a clever wrap-up joke; and at the end of every Theorists episode, the scientists in question deliver back to the Russian government the nuclear bomb they’ve been working on at gunpoint for the past twenty nine minutes and are allowed to see their families again.

Link: “Big Bang” in Belarus: The Theft of a Sitcom (The Wrap)

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