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The Entertation Index: February 16

February 16, 2010

“Bubble” Shows — Wondering whether your favorite show’s going to make it to next season? Entertainment Weekly compiles a very easy-to-read list of each network’s programs and what their odds for survival may be. Don’t worry, Gary Unmarried appears to be safe. I know, I was worried too!

Link: Renewal Scorecard: What’s In? What’s Out? What’s in Limbo? (EW)

Newton-John, Olivia — It’s official: Billboard Magazine has named Olivia Newton-John’s 1981 hit “Physical” to be the “Sexiest Song of All Time,” beating out other notables “Let’s Get It On,” “Kiss You All Over” and “Like a Virgin.” I’m very sorry to bring you this valuable information two days after Valentine’s Day, everyone, as I’m sure your lovemaking would have been exponentially enhanced once you reached over to the bedside table and hit play on “Physical” during magic time.

Link: Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” Sexiest Song Ever (Yahoo! News)

Scorsese, Martin — During the press junket for the upcoming Shutter Island, director Martin Scorsese confirmed that he is working with Robert De Niro currently on a film which will be “related to the mobster world.” I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to see that. I mean, this Scorsese guy has done so well with Kundun, The Aviator and Shutter Island that I think he’d be really great at a mob-type movie, and I think it — wait, what? Good Guys? Greatpeople? What are you saying? No, I’ve never heard of that. Why?

Link: Scorsese Eyes New Film Project With Robert De Niro (Reuters)

Sharktopus — B-movie king Roger Corman has been tapped to helm a made-for-TV monster movie for the Syfy network called Sharktopus, presumedly about a creature who possesses parts of both sea creatures. We hope the information about this upcoming film is clear and avoids any impending confusion — since “Sharktopus” is also what Heidi Montag is secretly called by the staff of the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon’s office she frequents.

Link: Sharktopus Greenlit by SyFy, TV Film Directed By Roger Corman (Monsters and Critics)

Sutherland, Kiefer — The 24 star was the reason for a halt in production as Sutherland elected to have surgery to repair a ruptured cyst near one of his kidneys. Sutherland only resorted to the surgery after his initial plan of “crouching behind a wall during a firefight, ripping a strip of cloth off his jeans, biting down on a piece of wood and using a pocketknife” was not successful in relieving the pressure.

Link: 24 Shooting halts for Kiefer Sutherland’s Minor Surgery (People)

White, Betty — Fans of the former Golden Girl have made their voices known that they’d like to see White host Saturday Night Live this season on a rapidly-growing Facebook page which as of press time had 331,477 subscribers. The problem inherent, however, is not whether the 88 year-old actress could ably do the job — but rather that it would mean Saturday Night Live would have to move from its 11:30 time slot to 4:30 in the afternoon.

Link: Betty White Leaving Her SNL Host Fate In Lorne Michaels’ Hands (LA Times)

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