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We Thank Thee, O Internet, For All That Is Good

February 17, 2010

Good afternoon little ones, gather ’round and take a seat here with your old Uncle Caleb.  Billy, I like your new Voltron t-shirt.  Sally, your new glasses are awfully cute.  I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of time, so I’m going to fill you to the brim with fresh internety musical goodness in quck-hit fashion.  There’s a lot going on in the cyber-jungle, and not all of the news is actually worth knowing.  There’s a lot about the two least-talented members of the Who playing some football game last week (snore), Rihanna’s new video that rips off M.I.A. (wake me up after that’s over), and some blather about a hip-hop flavored remake of “We Are The World” (boy, my navel is awful linty).  If you’re interested in any of those things, head on over to the Google and you’ll find plenty of “news.”  But if you want the real deal in indie rock, stick with me while I whip this thang out.

  • I have used this space before to gush over my love for London-based The Very Best.  Let me gusheth some more.  It appears that the group has taken a stab at remixing the recently released Yeasayer tune “Ambling Alp.”  Now I’ll weigh in more thoroughly later regarding the new Yeasayer release, called Odd Blood (which dropped earlier this week), but the band has done a masterful job of releasing singles to get the word out.  One measure of the quality in Odd Blood is the variety of song remixes bouncing around the cyberwebs and  “O.N.E.” has been a favorite of remixers since it leaked late last year.  But nothing I’ve heard so far can compare with The Very Best’s redo of “Ambling Alp”.  These guys have tackled M.I.A. and Michael Jackson before, and they easily make “Alp” their own as well.  Take it from me, I usually hate remixes but these guys make me love it every time.  Check the goodness out over at The Fader.  And if you want to compare to the original, just go here.
  • If you really want to impress your friends with hawt internet music knowledge, you can’t do much better than this little tidbit courtesy of L.A. indie record label IAMSOUND.  If you bebop over to their site, you’ll see a sweet announcement for the “L.A. Collection”, which is a series of 7″ releases celebrating the superb musical talent in and around the City of Angels.  If you look at the list of contributors, though, you’ll see a definite TBTS flavor, with Local Natives, Fool’s Gold, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on the list.  More and more each day, the old saying becomes true:  Anything you need to know you’ll find at the Tweed.  Uh, I guess that’s not such an old saying, is it?
  • Now we’re gonna get a little random while I say what’s been in my heart for some time now:  I really really love Ravens & Chimes.  I don’t hang out with them, they don’t call me up to see what I’m doing, heck I don’t know these people at all.  But what I do know is that two winters ago I became immersed in their debut album Reichenbach Falls.  Since then, I have scoured the back alleys of the internet trying to find current news on where they are and what they are doing.  This has led to some rather unpleasant stalking accusations and some eventually-dropped legal charges, but finally I have uncovered some actual news:  they frakkin’ played the Mercury Lounge in Brooklyn over the weekend!!!  People, this is an absolutely wonderful band that deserves to be more widely known.  Take a free listen over at and then join me in stalking this most elusive of bands.

Dang, I’m already almost out of time and I still haven’t told you about TBTS-fave The Antlers, who just announed a new tour opening for über-indie-rockers The National.  And I guess I won’t be able to let you know about the new Lightspeed Champion album.  Crap.  Maybe we can get together later in the week?  Oh, you’re going to see Guns ‘N Roses play the Cedar Rapids Bingo Bash?  Have fun, but don’t let Axl sweat on you.  Later!

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