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TLC Set to Resume Filming, Utterly Destroying Gosselin Kids

February 18, 2010

Of course, professional asshole Jon Gosselin did it for the wrong reasons (spite, basically), but I’ve long suspected that suing TLC to keep his kids off camera would prove his finest moment as a parent.

But now that a settlement has been reached, money has yet again won out over the Gosselin brood’s best interests, and TLC is finally set to resume filming and utterly destroying those kids.

Oddly enough, a recent Parade Magazine profile of Jerry Seinfeld helped me see in a new light the overwhelming hardship the Gosselin kids are likely to face as they become pre-teens and adolescents. In the interview, Seinfeld, a father of three, offers his thoughts on one thing kids need:

We refuse to let our children have problems. Problem-solving is the most important skill to develop for success in life, and we for some reason can’t stand it if our kids have a situation that they need to ‘fix.’ Let them struggle—it’s a gift.

I think Seinfeld’s on to something, but what are kids to do when the colossal selfishness of their callous parents is the main source of their problems? And aren’t those kids in even more trouble when camera crews are there to capture, and enhance or even manufacture stress as part of, every interaction they have with their parents and with the outside world? How are eight-year-olds supposed to cope, both with the situation itself and with the fact that this life was chosen for them not once but twice? In short, what to do when the parents are the problem that must be solved, rather than the barrier that keeps problems away?

Answer: only extraordinarily strong, self-motivated children could possibly weather such storm and stress to become functional, competent, efficacious adolescents and adults.

Worst of all? If any/all of the Gosselin kids do struggle and find trouble as teenagers, they’ll do so under the amoral, conscience-free watchful eye of the gossip industry. What rag wouldn’t scrape and claw to get that scoop, that mug shot, that walk out of the courthouse? Just like the parental forces that did the corrupting, the outcome of those kids’ corrupted lives will be caught on camera. And therefore all the more devastating to them.

TLC used to be “The Learning Channel.” Now, at least when the Gosselin kids are on the air, I think TLC is better understood as a network that offers little but “Tragic Lead-ins to Commercials.”

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