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The Entertation Index: February 22

February 22, 2010

Bachelor, The – Long Island restaurateur Dominick Pierno has the press abuzz with “two-timing” allegations when he claimed he was dating contestant Gia Allemand at the same time she was vying for the affections of The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka.  Allemand, of course, denies it.  Meanwhile, the press has yet to look into allegations of 25-timing made against Pavelka.

Link: More Bachelor Drama (Reality TV World)

Baldwin, Stephen – That One Baldwin recently stated in an interview that he blames President Obama for the current state of the nation: “I am not happy about the way things are.  I pray for President Obama every single day.  But tell you what.  Homey made this bed, now he has got to lay in it.”  Baldwin then went to “lay” in his own bed, a beautiful patch of fresh mulch outside the unemployment office.

Link: Baldwin’s Blurb (ABC)

Bonsall, Brian – The actor who played Andy, Family Ties’ youngest Keaton, was arrested in Colorado for using marijuana in violation of the terms of his release on other charges.  Bonsall claims that he has applied for a state medical marijuana card and must use the herb to alleviate headaches.  Probably headaches like constantly being asked, “Hey, aren’t you the guy who played the little kid in that show with Michael J. Fox?”

Link: Family Ties’ Actor Arrested Again (Huffington Post)

Eastwood, Clint – Perhaps aware of an obscure “Eastwood must be nominated” rule, Moviefone asked the actor-director if he was steamed that his newest movie, Invictus, was “snubbed” by the Oscars.  He was not.  Since apparently all it takes to be “snubbed” is not to be nominated, Moviefone then reportedly asked G-Force director Hoyt Yeatman if he felt snubbed by the Academy.  Yeatman supposedly responded, “No.  Because it was a crappy kids’ movie.  Starring computer-animated guinea pigs.”

Link: Eastwood Doesn’t Feel Snubbed (Inside Movies)

Idol, American – Another season, another interesting background story: Idol contestant Todrick Hall was involved in failed production Oz, The Musical, the collapse of which cost several parents $50 “performance fees” for their children.  Hall has apologized for that, but has not offered refunds.  Hall’s own parents have supposedly apologized that they couldn’t decide among Todd, Rick, or Rodrick as names for their son, and thus went with all three.

Link: AI’s Newest News (Barcelona Reporter)

Sarandon, Susan – Recently split from actor Tim Robbins, Sarandon was attending the third anniversary of club The Box when she was vomited on by a transsexual cabaret performer named Rose Wood.  Sarandon laughed it off and said she understood after Rose apologized and allegedly explained that she had just watched Mr. Woodcock.

Link: Sarandon Sprayed (Examiner)

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