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The Entertation Index: February 24

February 24, 2010

Jolie, Angelina and Voight, Jon – Supposedly at the encouragement of her husband, the sultry actress and her father, Jon Voight, have reunited in Venice after a lengthy estrangement.  Judging from these pictures from TMZ, this could truly be a rapprochement.  Or, Voight could be playing an outwardly wise and avuncular authority figure while privately harboring villainous motives; and Jolie could be playing the mysterious, darkly sexy secret agent/mercenary/assassin who finds in herself a nascent sliver of humanity.

Link: Jolie, Voight Reunite (TMZ)

Pasdar, Adrian – The Heroes star and Dixie Chick husband was charged with DUI after “driving irresponsibly” and refusing a breathalyzer.  This is more proof that everything associated with Heroes has gone to crap.

Link: Pasdar Charged (Buddy TV)

Phillippe, Ryan and Cornish, Abbie – The two actors, who met on the set of Stop-Loss, have ended their relationship amid allegations of incessant club-hopping and infidelity.  The headline for this could have been “Two People You Completely Forgot About Will Now Be In Entertainment News For A Couple Days.”

Link: Phillippe, Cornish Split (MSNBC)

Rourke, MickeyThe Wrestler star is now sporting a new hairdo, and Huffington Post wants to know if you love it or knot (tee-hee!) .  Either way, the topknot at least gives Mickey an excuse for looking like he’s had work done.

Link: Mickey’s Mane (Huffington Post)

Winfrey, Oprah – We all know that Winfrey is obscenely wealthy and influential, but the entertainment goddess finally showed the true magnitude of her power, her cunning—and her depravity: the set of Monday’s Oprah was made entirely of chocolate.  Learn from the master, kids: know your audience.

Link: Oprah’s Sweet Set (Chicago Sun-Times)

Winslet, Kate – The Oscar-winning actress admits to keeping her Academy Award in her bathroom so that people can touch and hold the statue without having to make an awkward request.  This is also why no one thinks twice when Winslet’s husband, director Sam Mendes, says he’s going to the restroom to “wax the old Oscar for good luck.”

Link: Oscar in the (Wash) Closet (People)

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