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The Entertation Index: February 26

February 26, 2010

Alley, Kirstie — The actress, preparing to star in her own reality show after falling off the weight-loss wagon she so ardently championed, stopped by the Oprah Winfrey Show, where the billionaire maven surprised Alley with a closed-circuit visit from her “crush” Jamie Foxx, who said he’d be “glad to be [Alley’s] booty call.” Alley was so excited at the news that she wasted almost no time eating him.

Link: Kirstie Alley Gets Surprise Hello from Her Dream “Booty Call” (People)

Busey, Gary — The crackpot celebrity officially has welcomed his third child into the world on Tuesday. Busey’s reacted to becoming a father just as any of us would — by wrapping his head in diapers and crawling on all fours on the ground until he got tired and fell asleep. Busey says he looks forward to all the great moments ahead, such as wrapping his son’s head in tinfoil and mailing threatening letters to the WNBA for trying to steal their souls. Congrats, Gary!

Link: Lady Gives Gary Busey a Baby (YourTango)

Fox, Matthew — The Lost star is currently denying claims by an Oregon stripper that he carried on an affair with her outside of his marriage. Fox says the woman’s motives are purely financial, adding that it’s difficult for him to know what’s real and what’s an alternate reality, what with all the time he’s been spending on a remote island with a smoke monster, time traveling, a polar bear and dead people coming back to life. He wasn’t even entirely sure the woman actually existed.

Link: “Lost” Star Matthew Fox Denies Affair with Stripper (FOX)

Gonzales, Speedy — George Lopez has been tapped to bring the lightning-fast rodent to the big screen in an upcoming adaptation of Looney Tunes’ Speedy Gonzales. This makes perfect sense: a massively respected advocate against stereotyping Latin-Americans starring in one of the most racist depictions of Mexicans in the last hundred years — but Lopez assures us that the film will be decidely PC, all the way down to “Gainfully-Employed Legal American Citizen Rodriguez.”

Link: George Lope to Save Gonzales from P.C. Trap (NBC LA)

O’Brien, Conan — The former Tonight Show host has taken to Twitter, finally, with his first official post reading “Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to a commercial. Someone help me.” He’s definitely going to be one to follow.

Link: @ConanOBrien (Twitter)

Tequila, Tila — The celebrity nutjob continues to wholly abuse twitter, announcing that she plans on marrying the father of her unborn baby, and recently tweeting to her followers(?) “Yes, I am still trying to adopt a baby from Russia!” We don’t have the heart to tell her that she was only ordering a White Russian at the Ramada Inn lounge.

Link: Tila Tequila is Marrying Her Baby Daddy (CelebrityFix)

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