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The Entertation Index: March 1

March 1, 2010

Aiken, Clay – The American Idol runner-up gave a gay-rights speech this weekend, during he described his family’s mixed reaction to his coming out.  “Some Southern families like to sweep things under the rug,” said Aiken.  Dude, have you seen your own pictures?  That’s like trying to sweep an anvil under a doormat.  They totally knew.

Link: Aiken’s Speech (USA Today)

Alley, Kirstie – On Friday Tomlin informed you that the Cheers alum appeared on Oprah to talk about, among other things, that she isn’t having sex.  When Kirstie related that she would love a booty call from Jamie Foxx, Oprah got him on videophone to make her “dream” come true.  Jamie Foxx?  Note to Kirstie: when dealing with someone like Oprah who can actually grant wishes, shoot for the stars, okay?

Link: Alley’s Booty Call (SFGate)

Cyrus, Miley – “Nothing To Lose,” the Hannah Montana star’s country duet with ex-Poison singer Bret Michaels, relays love and pain and stuff, but also “slowly get[ting] undressed.”  Asked why a 46-year-old man would find singing such a thing with a 17-year-old girl appropriate, Michaels may have replied, “she’ll probably be a contestant on Rock of Love soon, so why not get a head start?”

Link: Miley ‘s Duet (Rolling Stone)

Idol, American – Judges on AI lambasted the show’s male contestants recently, heavily criticizing almost all their performances.  Kara DioGuardi even commented that “it was a little depressing” until participant Michael Lynche’s rendition of Maroon 5’s “This Love.”  This marks the only time that listening to Maroon 5 has ever made anyone happy.

Link: AI’s Guys Bomb (Huffington Post)

Love, Courtney – The troubled Love just read Mayer’s now famous interview and has some very, um, frank things to say about it.  Her tweets about Mayer make it clear that she is interested in neither spelling or punctuation, or regaining custody of her daughter.

Link: Courtney Love and John Mayer (DListed)

Tyler, Steven – On-again off-again Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler is heading up the band, again.  Recently out of rehab, Tyler said he “just auditioned” and got the gig.  Either Aerosmith has decided to get back to its roots and rock out, or an upcoming summer blockbuster needs a really shitty, radio-friendly single on its soundtrack.

Link: Back In The Saddle Again (NY Times)

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