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Notes from Behind My Eyelids

March 3, 2010

Note from the author:  Where I come from, “tiredest” is a word, so don’t even ask.

Dear reader, have you ever been tired?  How silly, of course you have.  You’ve probably been real tired before, haven’t you?  Take yourself back to the tiredest you’ve ever been in your life.  Now multiply your level of tiredness by three and add to that a factor of ten.  Pretty bad, huh?  Well, that’s how tired your humble correspondent is right now.  As a matter of fact, I took a short nap between the last sentence and this one, but thanks to the magic of internet you never knew the difference.

I know you didn’t visit the Tweed to hear me complain about my recent bout with no-sleepy-time, but hey that gave me a slightly interesting little diversion to take your mind away from the fact that I just fell asleep again.  Take a guess between which words.  Nope, you’re wrong.  Anyway, I know the real reason that you’re here.  You want the best in internet pop culture news in new “music-licious” flavor.  Well you came to the right place cowgirl, except today it’s gonna be a little trippy due to the excess melatonin floating around in my skull.

As I usually do every morning, I wondered aloud what was going on with the legendary Roots crew today.  (Normally I do this after I wake up, but since I was up all night this just happened randomly through the course of my morning)  After a bit of trolling in cyberspace, I discovered that the boys from Philly are busy planning thier annual Roots Picnic, which will occur over the summer.  This year, guests will include Vampire Weekend, Mayer Hawthorne, a ?uestlove/DJ Jazzy Jeff collaboration, The Very Best, and a potential reunion of old school rappers Run-DMC.  This should be a must-see show for any of our Philadelphia readers or anyone looking to hit the city over the summer.  Just a quick bit of wisdom from your best friend:  Get some sleep before the show.

Note to anyone preparing to be sentenced to jail time:  get Lil Wayne on the phone right now and learn jail avoidance from the best.  After convincing the judge in his “something to do with guns” case to postpone his sentencing last month so he could go to freakin’ Miami to get dental work done, Young Jeezy once again dodged the proverbial bullet when the courthouse caught fire.  No, this is not a joke.  Yes, I know I’m in a sleep-deprived haze, but I promise I’m not making this up.  No, I’m not saying that Wayne caused the fire, heck he wasn’t even in the building when it happened.  How could he have anything to do with it?  The New Orleans rapper is waiting to find out when the hearing will be rescheduled, releasing a cryptic message via the Twitter:  “How long it been since there was a plague of frogs in Manhattan?”

That last sentence was completely fabricated.

Here’s some news that’s not fabricated:  Dirty Projectors is one of Earth’s coolest bands, and not just for putting out one of last year’s best albums.  Last week, the Projectors played their 2005 rock opera The Getty Address in it’s entirety while backed by the Los Angelis Philharmonic.  As you might be aware, The Getty Address is sort of tribute to former cool person Don Henley.  One song is a musical interpretation of one of his dreams.  Wow, Don Henley sleeps–I never realized that.  I used to sleep, like about 72 hours ago.  But no more.  Maybe I should write an opera about it.

The folks over at Daptone Records sure made my day today when they announced that the new Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings record will be released in April.  OK, you caught me–I don’t know when they announced it, I just saw it on thier website.  But I do know this, if I could go to sleep, I’d likely be out until the album release party.

Lastly, I love this song and would like to publicly thank Quincy Jones for it.  Good night.

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