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The Entertation Index: March 3

March 3, 2010

Gaga, Lady – At the MAC Viva Glam launch, Lady Gaga wore something weird.  I say that so prosaically because it has become exactly that.  If Gaga isn’t careful, the bar she keeps raising for herself will be set so high that if she doesn’t wear a veil made of pumpkin guts and a dress fashioned from old appliances, no one will notice.

Link: Gaga’s Latest (Huffington Post) Slighly NSFW?

Gosselin, Kate – Co-star of Jon + Kate Plus Eight will be competing on the next session of Dancing With The Stars.  Kate, you and Jon were always D-listers, but appearing on DWTS is the end of the line.  I hope you socked away some cash.

Link: Gosselin on DWTS (Boston Herald)

Lawrence, Martin – Two wars, a weak economy, stalled health care legislation, and a sour national mood can be solved by only one thing: a third Big Momma movie.  You asked, America, and Martin Lawrence answered.  You’re welcome.

Link: New, Big Momma (EW)

LMFAO – Red Foo and Sky Blu, also known as rap group LMFAO, have incorporated a recent fracas-on-a-plane with politician Mitt Romney into new rap track “We Came To Party (The Vulcan Grip Mix).”  Somehow, in a disagreement with three people named Red Foo, Sky Blu, and Mitt Romney, Mitt still comes out with the funniest name.

Link: LMFAO vs. MittRom (Daily Reviews)

Simpson, Jessica – The singer recently tweeted love and relationship advice: “You can’t love someone else to change them. Happiness comes from accepting who they are. It is our decision to REALLY know who we love.”  She also related that none of her break-ups have been bitter, and that she is saving nudity for her next husband.  Millions of people are now rooting for her next husband to be named “The Internet, tomorrow.”

Link: Simpson From The Heart (One News Page)

Zolciak, Kim – Former flame Big Papa may have been taken by surprise when Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Zolciak was seen out and about with her new girlfriend, DJ Tracy Young.  This change of, um, heart will certainly be seen as a shot across the bow for reality “star” Tila Tequila, who in order to re-commandeer the spotlight, is expected to announce that she was dating and impregnated by the entire Olympic village.

Link: Zolciak’s New Girlfriend (Us)

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