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The Entertation Index: March 4

March 4, 2010

Douglas, Michael – The venerable actor opens up in Vanity Fair about his life, and the fact that his focus on his career may have contributed to the serious legal troubles faced by his son, Cameron.  Such neglect might be forgiven when we’re talking about Wall Street and Fatal Attraction, but for Ghost of Girlfriends PastYou, Me, and Dupree?  Cameron might have a case.

Link: Douglas’ Trials (Vanity Fair)

Phillips, Chynna – The ex-Wilson-Phillips singer entered then withdrew divorce papers against her husband of almost 15 years, Billy Baldwin.  When asked about the retraction, she explained that her stint in rehab had shaken her up, and “for a moment there, I thought I was married to Stephen Baldwin.”

Link: Chynna Rethinks (People)

Sheen, Charlie – The embattled TV star and his rehabbing wife, Brooke Mueller, are now the subjects of a new accusation: drug-fueled threesomes.  An anonymous source has been shopping the story around, and says that more secrets will be revealed.  Not that it’s anyone’s business, but I would much rather watch a few of Sheen’s threesomes than his hundreds of Two And A Half-somes.

Link: Sheen’s Romps (Sun)

Twilight – In totally the hugest news, Summit Entertainment has replaced Art Jones, the editor of the Twilight series’ newest film Eclipse, with Nancy Richardson, editor of the first Twilight film.  As we know, all it will take is good editing to change this movie from a super-dramatic tweeny-bopper eye-roller into a thoughtful, deep, complex vampire classic.

Link: Twilight Edits (EW)

Wayne, Lil – A Rolling Stone interview digs deep with the famous rapper, who has received another temporary delay to the start of his 12-month jail stint on a weapons charge.  Judging from the RS cover, Mr. Lil Wayne’s time in the clink will probably not be physically transformative, since he has no room left on his skin for prison tattoos.

Link: Lil Wayne In the Big House (Rolling Stone)

Wilkinson, Kendra – Former Girls Next Door co-star Wilkinson recently took her newborn son to meet Hef.  This marks the first time that, like, 7 generations of people have been in the same room at the Playboy Mansion.

Link: Wilkinson’s Son Meets Hef (Us)

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